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why do people kill animals for food

They have feelings too!!! Animals do have feelings if you were to kick it you would hurt the animal. If we were too shot it it would bleed just like you and me so don't tell me about them not having any feelings it is so mean to go around killing animals just to satisfy your needs!!! What if that was you would you want to be killed just because you taste good??? Animals killed for sake of maintaining Ecosystem? If so, why did so called The great God or Allah Created animals with the feelings of Love pain? If he wanted them to be rudely killed for food sake, he must not have created them. Only Humans Plants could go well. Any Genius please answer my Question. Unlike many other animals who kill for their food, humans can survive on a completely plant based diet. WeБre not living in the dark ages anymore. Our understanding has evolved and in the process we have come to learn that eating animals is no longer the necessity we once believed it to be. Research has proven that plants contain all the vitamins and nutrients that the human body needs to thrive. We all know that animals have feelings. Like would you kill your own dog or cat to eat it. The reasons animals bite is because they're just protecting themselves for protection. It's okay if we kill animal for food,but no for fun or anything.

Cultures also treat animals as their gods. By the way the chicken in kfc has tons of cemicals. The killing of animals is~ in fact WRONG! The Fast food co. Is a major group of animal abuse and slaughter houses. БThe U. S. Department of Agriculture has indefinitely shut down operations at a California slaughterhouse after it received a video from an animal welfare group exposing what (is) looks like horrific animal cruelty reports- CNN -Business Insider ( www. businessinsider. com )
БDowned cows, unable to walk to the kill floor, shot in the head two, three, even four times, and workers often walking away while the animal continues to struggle and kick. Some downed cows who were still alive after being shot in the head were then suffocated by workers who stood on their mouths and nostrils preventing the cows from breathing. Cows being tortured Б repeatedly hit, jabbed, electrically shocked, and sprayed with hot water Б in a narrow chute leading to the kill floor. One cow was electrically shocked over 40 times. Sick or injured cows repeatedly being shocked and workers pulling or lifting them by their tails in an attempt to force them to stand and walk. Improper stunning of animals prior to slaughter Б many cows were thrashing, kicking, and clearly breathing after being shot in the head.

Yet these animals are moved through the slaughter process onto a conveyor belt and then hoisted upside-down by one leg. Б -Business Insider ( www. businessinsider. com ) In the БFast Food Inc. Б it explains, and shows, that the animals are abused. They show animals being tortured and locked in cages. For example БFast food Inc. Б shows hundreds of chickens stacked up in rows and piles. All of them have little space, squawking, and screeching, and trapped in a shed/warehouse. Most of the time they become so obese that they can no longer hold themselves up (stand up. ) Is this really what are world has become~this makes me sick. They are a part of nature part of nature unless you are hurting them they will hurt you and there is no point of killing them you can eat something else then animals put your self in the animals shoes you get killed but you didn't do anything stop killing animals now!!! We need cows to eat grass an give is milk to drink. Our main meat is cow meat and we just eat from cows why can't we eat from something different than cows please i mean pretty pretty pretty please lets try to eat from something else from this day and on. I think we shouldn't kill animals because killing animals are some of the main reasons for extinction.

The only reason you should need to kill an animal is if its trying to kill you, or if the world is in need of food very badly. Overall we can survive eating Killing animals is WRONG! No, we shouldn't kill animals! Sometimes we kill them to just practice our "Hunting skills". And we don't have to become vegetarians but it still isn't right. Animals already suffer from nature sometimes so they don't need our help killing them. It is wrong to kill animals for no reason. Animals killed to balance ecosystem? One open question to the so called GOD or Allah or their Followers: If God wanted Animals to be painly Killed for Food, why was there need to Create Animals? Only Humans Plants could go well. Why did he Give feelings Pain to Animals? Please Allah God praisers answer Yes, Adam and Eve were most likely vegetarian in the garden of Eden. God gave them all the fruit of the trees to eat in the garden (Genesis 2). But the fall changed everything. At the fall humanity s relationship with God was broken as was humanity s relationship with all the animals (Genesis 3). After the flood, God gave the animals as food for humanity to eat (Genesis 9). Later, the sacrifice of animals and the spilling of their blood for Israel s sin was to point to fact that a death was needed for God to forgive sins (Exdous 12).

So the death of animals points to 2 facts; there is a break with man s relationship with the creation he was created to govern; a death is needed to bring humanity back into a right relationship with God. The true death that brought humanity back into relationship with God was the death of Jesus (Romans 5:8-9). The sacrificial death of animals pointed to the death of Jesus and how he has paid for humanities sins. What we need to do is accept his death on our behalf. Knowing this, is it alright for Christians to eat meat? Yes, because God has given animals to humanity for food. Also Jesus said that all foods are clean, to say that a Christian cannot eat anything is wrong (Mark 7). Christians can eat all foods, because Jesus said so. And Jesus also ate fish after his resurrection and so we know that meat is definitely not wrong for Christian s to eat (John 21). For Christian s food is no where near as important as our relationshp with Jesus. If people do not eat meat but pay no attention to Jesus, then it does not matter what they do, they are displeasing God. It is not wrong to be a vegetartian, it is not wrong to be carnivourous (though very unhealthy), it is not wrong to be omnivourous. But it is very wrong to ignore Jesus.

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why do we kill animals for food
why do we kill animals for food
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