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why do people keep animals as pets

This is a very important question. The demand for pets determines
the supply. Many people can see the use of keeping cattle: they
serve as food for people. But what use are pets? The most common
reasons for keeping pets are:
they are beautiful, nice and interesting Company Many people have pets to substitute relationships with partners, children or family members. Many elderly people for instance, like having a dog instead of being all alone at home. This is usually a lap dog, very affectionate and strokable. The animal serves people's need to cherish, love and fight boredom. But this is really a distressing reason for keeping a pet. The animal is a replacement for normal human contact, something that apparently is too much to summon in our individualistic society. Their pet keeps them from pining. But of course, it has to be a type of dog that suits them and that has been bred especially for their needs. Socializing Pets make socializing with others easier. People are more inclined to start a conversation when they can focus their attention on the animal in a moment of silence. Just like with any other hobby, it's nice to talk to people that have the same hobby.

I know that some wild animals can be dangerous, but didn't dogs and cats used to be wild also. If we can have dogs, cats, or fish then why can't we have wolfs, kangaroo's, or bears. Even circuses can have wild animals for showing. I think that as long as you have a large enough yard and tall enough fence and if you take care of the animals correctly then you should be able to have them as pets! And why not? Pet's can be very good for kids, it can help kids that don't have very many or no friends. The pets can help be a friend to the child and make the child more happy about there life. Pets can be great friends for adults also. And people who don't have family's can also relate to animals for comfort and soothing purposes. And from what i learned from the web is that it is more natural for the animals to have been born around human society so that way they are more used to people and they wont get scared or frightened by them and they wont hurt people when they come near them! So let people own exotic pets! They are for love. If you feel down you have a pet dog to cheer you up. If your feeling sad think about the funny things a cat has done.

If you're feeling blue just go to the zoo. They're still pets right. They are kept inside, fed and not inside their natural habitat. I bet most people have been to a zoo and enjoyed the various sights of monkeys and lions. So if hunters get them because you chuck them outside, let endangered species die out because you haven't kept them save don't blame it on me, blame it on yourself. Because they would die and starvation. And The pets who are abounded in the streets are like humans. They cannot survive without food and they need shelter which is at home. Where do you think cats and dogs live if we weren't here to take care of them? And some heartless people would abuse the animals or even kill them just for fun. Pat our homes it would be safer. Also, animals could keep you safe because they have a strong sense of hearing and they could also cheer you up whenever you feel blue. I wouldn't even call them pets I would call them family because they would be loyal to you for the rest of their lives Animals show loyalty, and also help people with depression. They provide love towards you.

I am not saying they should be a pet that is trapped in a cage. If you keep your pet free and love it, they will show love back to you. Pets are critical to some people's lives and certainly not for cruel experiment. Yes Pets Should. They not only show affection, love, loyalty and companionship but they help people. They help people with losses or depression. They will be your friend no matter what. If you care for your pet properly it will not be cooked up in a cage or locked inside. You would treat it properly and walk it. (considering it being a dog of course. ) Judgemental,coxswain's Vic begetting Vancouver I think that wild animals should be able to be pets. They will be able to protect you like tigers wolves and bears. Some will just be a fun sight to see, like deer, kangaroos, and monkeys. I think that it would be an awesome time to spend with a wild animal. Pets are loving, caring and are just wonderful. They are some of the lucky ones to have a superior and a better life away from the wild. They are just like a family and much more. A family with a pet will never have a still or a silent house. Pet animals respond to our presents and give us a good company They are just lovely.

We have been keeping animals as pets for centuries. Pets would not survive if we suddenly chucked them out into the wild. After being hand fed and kept safe for such a long time, forcing them back into the wild would be like killing them. Wild animals shouldn't be kept as pets, but domestic animals make no problems. If you think it's a waste of time and money, then don't buy them. They need us. Cats in Hotter countries eg Italy is a higher amount of cats. Cats have adapted to Humans and in places where they are populated they need humans to keep them safe from diseases and Hunters Without them cats would suffer horribly. Yes they are properly wield animals to me who see no affection to human beings but humans help cats in long term Pets Are Great For Comforting kids with ASD! Im an ASD child,and when the rest of the world rejects me,where do i go? I go into my room with my dogs and cat,and play and snuggle with them for a long time. It is relaxing for me,enough to forget my troubles and go and have some fun with the outside world again. In short terms,they help me.

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why do we need pets in our lives
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why do we keep animals as pets
why do we have dogs as pets
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why do we need pets in our lives