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why do some batteries last longer than others

The criteria used by manufacturers to determine the market price of a
commercial product are often only indirectly related to what the
consumer recognizes as important. This is certainly true of the battery
industry; the most expensive battery or cell does not always provide the
best service. Even when the electrochemical basis for energy conversion
is apparently the same, cells produced by different manufacturers often
provide markedly different quantities of energy. In this experiment
samples of cathode composite are removed from commercial cells and their
electrochemical performance is compared using a test cell and identical
discharge conditions. The results confirm that the cell with the most
energy does not always have the highest price and suggest that some cell
manufacturers may attribute a higher priority to other aspects of
performance (power, shelf-life or resistance to abuse, for example),
which increase the price without improving the quantity of deliverable

The objective of the experiment described in this paper is to
provide information that gives the chemically aware consumer a frame of
reference for future choice of cells and contributes to an improved
understanding of the structure and operational basis of primary cells
based on the Leclanch system.
Why do some batteries in the same package last longer than others? They shouldn't do this.

Rayovac works very hard to provide consistent life from battery to battery. One thing you do have to consider is that the circumstances of the consumer's lifestyle might affect the life of the battery. If you sit in a quiet room often, the life of the battery will be long. If you sit in a noisy baseball game, the battery life will be shorter. Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries are the number one choice of hearing care professionals! Rayovac ProLine Advanced premium zinc air hearing aid batteries offer you long-lasting performance. You can count on Rayovac ProLine Advanced batteries to offer you predictable battery life and consistency - battery to battery. If you would like additional information please visit Tom Begley received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado.

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