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why does silver turn black on my skin

Sterling silver turns black or tarnishes due to a chemical reaction caused by contact with sulfur or hydrogen. Some foods or everyday items containing sulfur can cause tarnishing, but even polluted air can turn sterling silver black. It's tarnish--a sulfur reaction in the metal. Happens to all silver, but it's worse on some people because the skin speeds up the chemical reaction. You can tell you have good silver if it says. 925 on it, but more silver=more tarnish. Oh, well. Does this happen with all your silver jewellery? If yes you have too much acid in your skin. Avoid contact with sulfur-heavy items and foods. Latex gloves, wool and elastic items contain higher levels of sulfur and tarnish sterling silver faster. In addition, eggs, salad dressings and onions also speed up the tarnishing process. Even avoiding these types of items does not entirely prevent sterling silver from tarnishing, however. Sulfur or hydrogen produced by fossil fuels and burning coal or wood eventually cause tarnishing in most industrialized areas.

The best way to prevent sterling silver from turning black is to perform regular maintenance. Clean sterling silver with a silver polishing cloth and occasionally a silver polishing compound to keep the tarnish from accumulating. Get some white toothpaste. It has to be white, and it has to be *paste*--no gel. Wet the jewelry, put a blob of toothpaste on a wet rag or washcloth, and rub the jewelry gently. Rinse and dry the jewelry. Ta-da! Tarnish remover with no nasty chemical stink! Smells minty fresh! Do this when your jewelry looks dull or gets black in the crevices of the design. Cheap, smells good, works good.
Changes in your body chemistry may cause a reaction between your skin and the jewelry that youвre wearing. This is because of the presence of sulfur/sulfides and amino acids that could be found in perspiration. The acidic nature of your sweat will often cause discolorations to your skin and/or your jewelry and may cause some of your fabulous pieces to fade.

Your is one of the main factors that will make your skin react with your jewelry. This may change as a result of hormonal changes, particularly during adolescence. Chemotherapy or the use of certain medications such as antibiotics can also affect your bodyвs chemistry. The components in some of the cosmetics that you use, such as creams and lotions, can accelerate the tarnishing of silver or lower karat gold jewelry. Skin discoloration happens when too much acid in your body causes your skin to react with your jewelry. Silver and gold jewelry can turn your skin color green, not because of the type of jewelry you wore or how expensive (or inexpensive) the piece may be, but it is because of the high level of acidity in your body. This especially happens when it is hot and humid outside. Oxidation causes your skin to turn green when it reacts to silver jewelry and gives it a tarnished appearance. Usually, gold jewelry does not turn the skin green, but this happens when gold is mixed with other metals like silver, copper, and nickel.

This is done to make the jewelry more durable and more affordable. To prevent skin discoloration, some jewelry makers create silver and white gold jewelry pieces incorporated with rhodium to add a defensive layer and prevents the reaction to the alloy. Copper jewelry may or may not cause a green discoloration to your skin due to your metabolism. Chelated copper deposits react to your body chemistry and give your skin a green stain. Other inexpensive jewelry that contains nickel can also result in green skin. Although nickel is not detrimental to health in small quantities, it may cause an allergic reaction to some people and result in red and itchy skin, in addition to the discoloration. Sterling silver, on the other hand, is 7. 5% copper. However, this does not give the skin a green stain. Instead, it causes a black stain because of the tarnishing of the metal. Cleaning this type of jewelry frequently should prevent this reaction.

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