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why do tattoo artists wear black gloves

I had a tattoo done from an artist in Arizona who had done previous tattoos on myself and multiple family members in his shop. They relocated and started tattooing out of a renovated shipping not container in their backyard. My family member had a tattoo done by this artist directly before mine was done and the artist did not wear gloves causing both of our tattoos to become infected, reject most ink, and badly scar over. The photo of what I gave the artist and what my tattoo ended up looking like have absolutely nothing in common and they also added multiple parts to the tattoo freehand without my permission then charged me for it. They also charged us about 3x more than we later found out any shop in the area would have charged. When myself, two family members, and a friend all had this happen I confronted the artist and asked them to refund me 30% of what I had paid them to have it fixed by another artist. They then proceeded to block all of our phone numbers and any social media so we have no way of contacting them.

Is there any kind of legal action we may be able to take with no paperwork and everything done in cash as they did not have a card reader? EDIT: This was my first big tattoo so I did not know what to expect for price, they did not give me a price up front they told me that they charge by session and they did not tell me the price until after they were completed with the session. The first session they did wear gloves and nothing went wrong. The second sessions they did not but I could not see them tattoo because of the location. It wasn t until they turned around to grab something that I turned around to look at them and see them not wearing gloves. EDIT 2: There is no paper trail of transactions, but there are bank withdrawal statements and photos of the tattoo that I wanted and of what I ended up with. There are also photos of 3 others besides myself that are wanting to sue them if we can of their tattoos also being infected.
Not as many artists as you think wear the gorilla grip style Nitrile gloves, some prefer latex non-latex and other times the shop owner provides the shop.

Not as many artists as you think wear the gorilla grip style Nitrile gloves, some prefer latex non-latex and other times the shop owner provides the shop with gloves and such. Though you may have seen alot of black glove action on the reality show ink circus and they help when you have a client with a latex allergy. For the most part however, gloving up isnt a fashion statement its a simple matter of safety no matter what the color. Remember we deal with over 350 I think the number is 374 known blood born bugs and we need all the protection we can get. Not many artists talk about but i promise you more of us are vaccinated agsint menengitis and Hep and other potential bugs than there are that wear black gloves. During my apprentiship and I am sure other artists might tell you if asked things happen hell, I slipped twice and tattooed myself while tattoing my grapefriut clients the first time i did this i was made to excuse myself from my grapefruit and yes i had to speak to them ( dont ask) break down my station clean up and go soak in green soap and bleach and antibacterial soap and look up the number for the local ER, after i did this i set back up to finish my session and my mentor drew a bullseye on my right hand ( i am a southpaw) and said remeber this it could save your life. well sure enough about three weeks later I got lazy one day and didnt paint on the bullseye before working.

Bzzzz I hammered myself again through the glove and into the skin like the first time. Its not something we talk about much but its a reality but had that been a client i could have potentially just given myself anything from sypholus to HIV, like I said its not a matter of color its a matter of safety.

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