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why do old men wear their pants so high

By the age of 45, trousers will be at least two inches above the natural waist position. This figure increases significantly past that age of 50, the age of Simon Cowell, who famously wears his trousers pulled up high. They tend to peak five inches above the waist by the time they hit their 57th birthday. This is just seven inches below the arm pits. As old age approaches, men's waistlines shrink, allowing them to lower the height of their trousers. Paul Baldwin at Debenhams said: These results will help our designers produce trousers which take body shape into account, enabling all men to look good regardless of age.

However, our hardest task continues to be persuading men to confront the fact that their trouser waistbands have risen. From our experience, men still prefer to assume that their trousers no longer fit because their legs have suddenly grown.
Pants? Pants are too constricting. Are there any nude posters out there? September 23, 2005; Page A1 BERLIN -- Wearing nothing but goose bumps, Georg Engelbrecht walked across the lawn to take a dip in a chilly lake near Berlin one recent summer day. Deck chairs and ping-pong tables sat unused. Leaves gathered on the volleyball court. Only a few pensioners, an unemployed dentist and a handful of children populated this nudist club, where Mr.

Engelbrecht, 99 years old, has spent his free time for decades. Nudism's decline in Germany and growing popularity with some Americans underscores the diverging mores of Europeans and Americans. In America, public displays of nakedness remain rare enough that nude recreation is an edgy growing niche of the leisure market. In Europe, nudity has become so widespread that those who want to shed their clothes don't particularly need the excuse of a nudist camp. In Europe, topless women are a common sight on beaches. In July, 1,700 Britons posed naked for an American photographer on a bridge in Newcastle.

Vienna's Leopold Museum offered free entry to unclothed visitors at an exhibition of erotic art titled The Naked Truth. Police in Cologne, Germany, opted not to arrest a woman who walked into a supermarket this past summer wearing nothing but an unbuttoned denim jacket. I don't need a club to enjoy the sun on my skin, says Kathrin Geffken, a 38-year-old Berliner who likes accompanying her husband and sons to one of Berlin's many lakes for weekends in the buff. At the sandy shore, people in swimsuits and birthday suits sit happily side by side.

Everyone accepts each other the way they are, says Ms. Geffken's husband, Cutthroat. If someone showed up in a fur hat and nothing else, nobody would bat an eye. Above all, nudist leaders say, Germany's permissive culture is hurting the movement. The country's largest tabloid features a topless woman on its front page every day. Full nudity is common on TV. At Berlin's annual Love Parade along main boulevards, topless beauties dance on the floats. There is a culture here of anything goes, says Kurt Fischer, president of Germany's nudist federation. People can do what they want without joining clubs for it.

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