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why do table tennis players say cho

IPassume 'cho' must originally be a Chinese wordPwhich wasPthen adopted by other nationalities (since Chinese dominate the sport so much), sometimes with local variations that sound similar. P For example, I notice the Korean players shout "Jo-ah! " which means "good! "P I didn't know about the French with their "Jolie". I'll listen more carefully when I watch French players play from now on!

My wife is Taiwanese but she wasn't able to draw much light on what "Cho" means in Chinese. P I guess it depends on the tone (which is hard to pick up when a player is shouting) and probably is a shortening of a longer expression as well.
Most players in Sweden that feels thay have to celebrate a good shot with a sound use the word Ossa or something that sounds like that (probly the same as roddorez mentioned).

I remeber hearing and saying this even when I started playing, in the late 80's. The most read web-blog about TT in Sweden (written by he who interviewed JO, look this thread ) sometimes have polls about who is ossing the most of Swedish players. I think Hampus SГderlund (one of the best in Eurpoe at his age, 16 yars I think) won that poll for scaring an opponent with a loud OSSA even before the match started But I think it could be a good thing for yourself as a player, to somehow celebrate a good shot.

As long as you don't do it all the time. I use it maybe once or twice in a match, a few more times if it is a more important match. I feels good!

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