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why do people have to have the last word

Itвs not the best taste in your mouth, always having the last word. It doesnвt matter if it is the most eloquent sentence or the most hurtful thing that you can think of, it is the idea that there is this hanging thought in the air, with no real ending in sight. The conversation that was never really supposed to end, but it has by the otherвs choice. It is the idea that they donвt want to pursue more and you. It is the last word that always leaves a heart in pain. Why is it that people fight for this position? Of
saying the last unspeakable thing. To have the upper hand in the conversation by getting in one last dig. One last cut. One last draw of the sword before putting an end to it all. It is the most damning of positions to be in, the place where we feel that something could happen, but it wonвt. We are the ones that put a stop to it.

It is the last word that always leaves us with this unsettling feeling. Why is it that there is always that one person who you want to talk to the most that always leaves the conversation in a moment too soon. Leaving your thoughts hanging in the air, with that last sentence on your tongue. It doesnвt feel good to always have what is for what it is worth. To have this idea of what could be, but not present to the world because it is unspoken to the one it should be said to. It is in the last words that we feel that we are not being real. The silence is damning of always having the final say. Of knowing that I will be the one to physically end the conversation because you have mentally already done so for us. To feel like I can talk to you for hours and want to know more, but you are fine with the little that is said and need nothing but the basics in my head.

There is the whole world to be exposed at our fingertips or just a moment to be said on our lips, but it is the idea that in your head, I am not worth the last breath. В It is in the last words that we feel the loneliest. It isnвt the need to have the last word, that leaves us with it. It is the indifference. It is the pursuit of an unwanted conversation. It is the need for someone that doesnвt need us, that It is in the nothingness that we feel these last words lingering in the atmosphere, left to be unanswered by the one that we want to answer them the most. Why is it that the last world always leaves us with this uncertainty and searching for more? Why do we continue to seek the conversations that we will constantly find ourselves having the last word in?

Why do we continue to fall into the trap of always pushing the conversations to the limit where we will be left alone again? Why do we continue to keep searching for the last word? Feature image via How many of you know someone who no matter what you say, they always have to have the last word? It doesnвt matter what they talk about, what the subject is, they need to say one more thing regardless of what you say. Some children tend to want to have the last word but there are many adults who generally do the same thing. Itвs almost something we ve come to expect. Having the last word is a habit. It s also an environmental and cultural problem, cultures where there is a patriarch, but when it comes to family we usually know them well enough to know whom weвre up against. When we choose to give the other person the last word we stop the conversation in its tracks.

It also takes the heat out of what could turn into a battleground. They tend to have an opinion on almost everything and wonвt stop at anything until they ve had the last word. There is, however, no intrinsic value to it. When we accept that is has no value we begin to see things in a more positive light. When we choose not to have the last word we take away the stress associated with us having to have the last word, to get the other person to see that we re right. It also doesn t put anyone who feels they need to have the last word in a good light. Perhaps this is about our self-importance, being self-righteous. But Iвm not sure why anyone has to prove to the other person what we believe to be true, just so long as we know what we say is true. That is all that matters.

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