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why does my discharge smell like sperm

I know I've been pretty active on here these past few days, excuse that. I've been experiencing a very small leak the last few days. Just a spot on panties. Not sure if it's mucous, pee, or amniotic fluid. It doesn't smell sweet or like ammonia. Yesterday, I was thinking it smelled like semen down there. we haven't dtd since last sunday and I'm now on pelvic rest.

I showered to see if it would help, but it didn't. When OH came home he started sniffing around jokingly (I hadn't mentioned it_ but could smell the same thing I did. Then I was reading today, after trying to figure out if I keep peeing myself a little bit or if it's amniotic. and I read that amniotic fluid can smell like semen!

Anyone else know?
Clumpy white discharge usually indicates a yeast infection. Since fungus likes warm, dark, moist environments, wearing cotton underwear and changing when you get too sweaty can help stave them off. If you're prone yeast infections, avoid wearing synthetic tights and leggings (stick to cotton or wool blends instead), working out without showering after, and leaving a damp bathing suit on for hours.

Antibiotics are also a trigger because they kill off the good bacteria in your vagina that keeps yeast at bay. If you know you're prone to them, mention it to your doctor when they prescribe an antibiotic. Sometimes they'll also write you a prescription for an antifungal treatment as well.

In terms of treatment, if you've had yeast infections in the past and are sure that's the culprit, it's fine to use an over-the-counter product, like Monistat. But if it's your first one, or your discharge looks different than it did during previous infections, see your MD.

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