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why do successful black men marry white women

All women want to find love, no matter what race they are. They all look for the whole package: successful, provider, attractive and loving, but sadly in the black community those hard to come by men arent checking for the sisters. When we look at successful black men we start to notice the chick on his hip rarely looks like him. Most successful black celebrities, businessmen, CEO and entrepreneurs dont seem to have a black woman by their sides. Most of their women are exotic looking and Barbie prefect. Why is that? Some men may argue that they are tired of the, tired of the stress that black women bring to the table, or even tired of not being able to run their fingers through their womans hair. It almost seems as though these successful black men have set a standard that black women just cant seem to measure up to. Some may refer to these men as sell outs, but everyone has their own preference. For instance, some men may prefer a woman who can disagree without getting loud; a woman who is supportive; well-rounded; or even a woman who goes swimming. Does the media portray that black women arent pretty enough as other races? It almost seem as though there is an unwritten rule that says: When you reach a certain level of success you have to have a fancy car, a fancy lifestyle and a white woman to be complete? You look at celebrities such as Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Kanye West, and Russell Simmons who are all black, all successful, and all prefer women outside of their race.

Now, there are some successful black men who do have a black woman by their side such as LeBron James, Denzel Washington and, but these men are ostensible to be very few in numbers. Also Check Out: Some black men may say, Back when I was starting from the bottom the sisters wasnt checking for me but out looking for the flashy thug types, but now that I have climbed the success ladder they all on me, and now Im not checking for them. Are black women not as supportive and patience as other women from different cultures? There are a lot of stereotypes about black women, but thats just what they are, stereotypes, which means they are not all true! Not all black women roll their necks and are loud and ghetto. Not all black women wear weaves and dont go swimming. Not all black women are non-adventures and ignorant to life. We need to stop putting people in boxes, labeling and writing them off. The moral of the story is, do not judge someone by stereotypes or past experiences everyone is different, and our black in beautiful too. words by :Nadaysha Screven
Dear Chris-Vincent, This rising movement is making me uncomfortable as a young black woman and until my sisters begin to see it too, we will lose the best of our black men to the white race.

I do not want to mention names but it seems that, the moment a black brother hits a fortune or wakes up in the pool of success, the next thing he has to do is find himself a white woman. Mostly, these white women were not part of his struggles. It was the poor black woman he has sworn not to ever see that held his broke azz together If youve also realized this happening around you or even from reading about it in the media, then we are on the same wavelength. As a young black woman living in a country full of white women, should I be worried that my boyfriend whom I am struggling with today will also meet success and drop me like a coin for the next available white girl? Call me paranoid but at least I am confronting my fears and seeking to understand a popular occurrence. For about 5 weeks now, Ive been asking my black African friends in University why it seems like the moment a black brother hits a jackpot, he must go straight in for a white girl. The ultimate question has been; dont we the black sisters also deserve to be with successful black men? From what most of my friends told me, I think we are going to see more of the above happening unless we change our attitude towards life as black women The common answer I got is; why would anyone go in for the FAKE or COUNTERFEIT when the original is just sitting next door?

Initially I got offended but when I poked for further explanation, I realized they sort of have a point, and a good point for that matter. Majority of my black male friends think that, most black women of today want to be everything except being black. We spend large sums of money trying to be white -wearing long weaves/wigs, bleaching/toning our skins, wearing blue contact lens, wearing blonde hair, forcing ourselves to speak in alien accents among other things. So why would a brother go in for the fake when the original is at sight? one of my friends asked. I wish I could have given him an answered. Who will want to spend time and money on a woman who wants to be like another person when he can just get the actual person? Black sisters deserve to be with successful black men (Hell Yeah) but not until we begin to embrace and celebrate who we are without forcing and spending thousands to be the other woman. From Jocelyn Afia Amoateng/ New York/USA . You can send your Readers Mail directly to me via It may take some time to get published because I receive a lot of such mails and need to publish them one after the other. Thank You.

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