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why do police get away with brutality

EDITED BY Police areP and not just because the law allows them wide latitude to use force on the job. Sometimes the investigations fall onto the same police department the officer is from, which creates major conflicts of interest. Other times the only available evidence comes from eyewitnesses, who may not be as trustworthy in the public eye as a police officer. "There is a tendency to believe an officer over a civilian, in terms of credibility,"P, a civil rights lawyer who co-wroteP
Prosecuting Misconduct: Law and Litigation, toldP. "And when an officer is on trial, reasonable doubt has a lot of bite.

A prosecutor needs a very strong case before a jury will say that somebody we generally trust to protect us has so seriously crossed the line as to be subject to a conviction. " If police are charged, they're rarely convicted. TheP analyzed 3,238 criminal cases against police officers from April 2009 through December 2010. They found that only 33 percent were convicted, and 36 percent of officers who were convicted ended up serving prison sentences. Both of those are about half the rate at which members of the public are convicted or incarcerated.

The low conviction and incarceration rates have fed into the idea among critics of law enforcement that police can get away with using deadly force even in situations that don't call for it. This poses concerns for those who want to hold police accountable, but critics also worry it has fostered a police culture that's too lenient in using force because cops believe there most likely won't be legal consequences even if they make a bad call. The was fatally shot by a Texas police officer as he was riding in a car while leaving a house party on April 29, 2017.

Police in Balch Springs said the officer fired into a car as it was driving away from a party, killing Jordan, an unarmed black teenager in the front passenger seat. That officer, Roy Oliver, was, and prosecutors charged him with first-degree murder three days later. on one count of murder in Edwards' death and four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon by a public servant in connection with the four other people in the car. His jury trial is set to.

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