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why do nurses need to know chemistry

Chemistry and statistics are much more helpful than all of the waste my time with Nursing theory classes that I have had to sit through. Chemistry can definitely assist with understanding acid/base balances or fluid and electrolytes. Statistics comes in handy for all of the research you will be doing.

So far Nursing Theory has come in handy for. oh that's right just taking my money. I have never found myself questioning if only Neuman, Parse or Pender was here they would know what to do? As you can tell the theory BS is what drives me insane about our education.

It continues on into graduate programs as well.
It makes you a damn good nurse and will get you a lot of respect from the medical staff when you know what the heck you are talking about. I often wonder why people avoid chemistries, and mathematics when it comes to nursing because it is still revolving around medicine--SCIENCE. I also don't understand why people get into nursing because it doesn't need as much.

Give me a break. If I were a patient, I want to know that my nurse can tell if I am acidotic and why or why my chem panels are off.

If you want to be a good nurse, excel in your sciences. You want to be humdrum? Please don't work with me because my expectations of the nurses around me are very high. And YES MATH--is VERY IMPORTANT TOO! Off my soapbox now.

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