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why does a married man cheat on his wife

I often think this, if my husbands not, and the husbands of our lovely married couple friends arent cheating (you dont suspect, anyway) then whos doing all the cheating? Women often say they were blindsided, or that their husbands began an affair after 20 years of marriage, or maybe it happened once and they dont really talk about it. But its such a common topic, yet no one I know thinks their guy is the one whos cheating. So who is? Who is? Do all men cheat and its just some secret code they have with each other to behave in front of the wives? No, says New York based relationship expert and upscale dating site
co-founder Rori Sassoon. Shes counseled cheaters (and the cheated on) many times throughout her career and breaks it down like this: No, they dont all cheat, Rori laughs. I hope they dont all cheat because Im married to one for 17 years. Also, its not only a male thing. A lot of men get cheated on by a woman. A lot of women cheat. I have so many male clients who are handsome and successful and their wives cheated because the guys are emotionally lazy and cant communicate. Rori says if youre a womanor a manwho thinks that youve been there and havent been in healthy relationship yet. A statement like that gives men a bad rap. There are so many good men out there, she says, but also explains the type to cheat. Men are not communicative creatures by nature, while women want to be heard and talk about feelings. Men shut down. If they have a talkative woman, shes labeled a nag and a pain in the ass. So they get attention from another woman and they think it will be different. Thats why Ashley Madison is so popular. These men think Ill have my affair and go back to my wife and family. But Rori says it often catches up to them when the woman they are cheating with also gets attached emotionally. Soon enough, youre fooling around with a stalker and shes going to out you, she says. The more time they spend with someoneyou think its just sexit becomes a relationship and.

Then she wants the wife out of the picture. Another type of cheater, Rori says, is a guy who married too young. Then mid-life happens and theyve only had one partner or maybe two, but a man wants to feel like hes got it. Hes gotten better looking and more successful, so he goes after other women. Another type is someone who is such a player and so insecure and had a horrific relationship with their mother. So they always need to be flexing that muscle makes them feel good in that people want them. Thats really not a good person and theyre going to cheat anyway. Rori says there are clues that determine the cheating type who cheats for the sake of cheating. If youre in a relationship and a small crisis happens and they are so selfish they only think how it will affect them. If there is a sensitivity chip missing and they dont care about hurting people. How do they feel about other peoples pain? A guy who outright cheats is either a sociopath or not a good person. With the exception of certain cultures where its very normal for a man to. But if youre just bored, thats sh***y. In the end, time will always tell, Rori says. No, not every guy cheats, you have to know who youre getting in bed with and what they are all about, she says. Time will always tell and go with your gutwill this person hurt you or not? If they are disappointing you over and over they will more often than not cheat. The number one reason shes found for why the men who dont cheat couldnt go through with it if the opportunity arose? Superstition. People are afraid of karma. They think if they invite this person into their life is going to bite me in the ass? The bottom line is if youre not happy in your relationship, get therapy. Try to work it outor get out the right way. Then then youre clean and kosher. Why do successful married men cheat on their wifes?

This question has been brought to the forefront since Arnold Schwarzenegger made public that he had cheated on his long time spouse Maria Shriver with one of the staff members of their home. Many psychologists, psychiatrists and marriage councelors have come up with many theories for why successful men like Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton or John F. Kennedy has cheated on their wifes. This has been analyzed over and over again yet the answer is quite obvious, THEY CAN. This is not stating that all men would cheat if given the opportunity; it is simply showing one reason for why a lot of successful men do. Many married men do not want to cheat on their spouse, yet eventually they do. The chance for extramarital excitement is too much. For the average man this may come in the form of an old girlfriend that suddenly appears on the scene or perhaps a co worker that has tempted him to cross the forbidden line. But these opportunities are normally few. The average man does not have the same opportunities as successful or famous men such as Tiger Woods or Donald Trump. Chances are the most devoted husband would give in to temptation if opportunities are there for him. A perfect example of this would be Hugh Hefner when he first started Playboy. It wasnt very long after the success of Playboy that Hefner gave into temptation and cheated on his first wife. Now the question to address is, why is there a temptation to cheat? This temptation is not present for all men, but it is definitely there for many. To illustrate the point in a way that most can relate to, picture marriage as the same as being on a diet. Thats right, compare marriage to being on a diet! But this particular diet is very strict and allows you to eat only one type of food or meal. Lets look at a man that is in his mid 20s and enjoys eating many different kinds of foods. One day he is told that he must settle down and choose only one food to eat for the rest of his life. Imagine that the one food he truly wants is not available for various reasons.

Now he must settle for another type of food. So instead of enjoying a Lasagna dinner every night, he must settle for spaghetti and meatballs. The man may like spaghetti and meatballs, but he will always be dreaming of lasagna. Lets suppose other men get their original choice and have the pleasure of dining on lasagna every day of their lives. Eventually, no matter how tasty and exciting that lasagna was when he started this very limited diet, he will get tired of eating the same meal day after day. This same man will eventually dream of a tasty steak or perhaps some chicken, fish or maybe even some ice-cream! But this would be cheating! The man must stay true to his diet and eat lasagna and lasagna only day after day! Lets look at the average man. The average man usually has a set routine where he goes to work every day and returns home to his family where his loving wife will serve him the same meal every day, with very little variation to his daily routine. Now, lets look at a very successful or famous man. This person is always on the move and his life is hardly routine. There are many business luncheons or dinners at very expensive and fancy restaurants that serve an amazingly diverse and tempting array of delicious foods. Lets not forget special charity events and parties where the food is supplied by top notch caterers and chefs. Waving such temptations under the nose of any man on a diet would surely make a man question the harm of taking a taste or small bite. There are some successful men that can resist this temptation but it seems that most cannot. So think twice the next time you hear the old phrase, man cannot live on bread alone. About Author Alex Wise is a blog contributor and dating consultant for Loveawake. com dating site, which launched in July 2009 and has been providing original free dating services and relationship advices, tips, articles, reviews, and videos to readers ever since. Follow him on the company site or on and

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