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why does my computer turn off by itself windows 8

Random computer shutdowns are very annoying. They are even more annoying if you have a brand new laptop with brand new Windows 8 installed on it. After all, it s not something you expect from a new computer. Why does Windows 8 shut down randomly? Random Windows 8 shutdowns can be happening for a number of reasons. It could be your hardware, your software or your operating system that causes problems. That s why random shutdowns require extensive troubleshooting and are not easy to fix. In this article we ll show you how to fix Windows 8 shutdown problems. The first thing you should do when your computer starts shutting down randomly is run memory and HDD tests.

If your RAM is corrupted and/or your hard drive has too many bad sectors, your computer can have numerous stability problems, including random shutdowns. If your RAM doesn t pass the test, this could mean that it s responsible for the random shutdowns. If that s the case, you will need to replace your RAM. To check your hard drive for errors, you ll need to run the CHKDSK tool. It will attempt to fix bad sector errors. Here is how to run it:
Make sure the tool is configured to not only detect the errors, but also fix them Wait for the check to complete. Your computer will need to be rebooted and you ll have to wait for a rather long time. If you see that your hard drive has too many bad sectors, then you ll need to get a new one to fix random Windows 8 shutdowns.

Another common cause of random shutdowns is overheating. If your computer gets too hot, then it could shut itself down to protect itself from serious damage. Basically, if your PC s temperature gets higher than 65C, you ll need to do something about it. The best way to eliminate overheating is to blow canned air into your laptop ventilation holes to clean out the dust. Also you may need to use a laptop cooling pad. Fix Windows 8 errors If your hardware is not responsible for random shutdowns, then it could be your operating system errors.

These errors can cause a lot more problems if they are not fixed immediately. To repair serious Windows 8 system errors, do the following: When the scan is complete, let the program repair all errors that it finds These tips will help you fix random Windows 8 shutdowns once and for all. It seems (from trying to find a solution myself) that there are many possible causes of this problem, including a whole category of programmes that somehow override or interfere with your power settings. In my case I now believe the culprit to be "Intel Rapid Start Technology", which came pre-installed on my Dell XPS 15 (Windows 8. 1). Under settings, the option "Timer" was turned on, which the mouse-over help described as "Enables system to transition to Intel Rapid Start Technology after a period of time in sleep".

I think this is supposed to actually save your session to the hard drive (not sure how this is different from hibernation, other than it happens during sleep and it specifically works for SSD drives), but I suspect that it somehow fails to do so on my machine, and so the result is indistinguishable from a regular shutdown. I've only just discovered this so I haven't yet had the chance to see whether my problem is actually solved now, but I thought I'd share it while I've still got this page open.

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