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why does my computer start up by itself

I am sorry your seemingly not FULLY reading what I am saying. I am NOT stating your hitting SLEEP instead of Power off in menu, I am stating that the WINDOWS POWER SETTINGS (see the steps I pointed you through) when the user says POWER OFF, instead does SLEEP. Even if you SELECT Power Off, it would go into SLEEP mode potentially IF the settings are so set. I suggest you FOLLOW the steps to ensure that WINDOWS ISN'T CONFUSED. Don't forget these latest OS is supposed to know BETTER then the user, no matter what the USER says, Windows / Microsoft knows the RIGHT answer.

Otherwise I would HIGHLY suggest a FULL MALWAREBYTES scan, followed by a scan by your Antivirus (two different things). If you have 'no' antivirus paid for and upto date, remove whatever is installed then go to www. filehippo. com and download the latest version of AVAST! or AVG and run a FULL scan on the drive and let us know if you find anything.

Potentially you could have a ROOTKIT that (as I mentioned above) is overridding your settings though your clicking SHUT DOWN, and instead is ZOMBIE your computer to use when you are sleeping. Just FYI.
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