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why do street lights turn off when i walk by

One of the most common questions I get asked is, Why do I interfere with streetlights? They go out when I go under them and it happens a lot. Actually, there are several things that can cause this phenomenon. If you ask a guy who is into electric, they may tell you that most of the new lamp posts are high intensity and high energy. They also have automatic shut down switches with heat sensors built in. The electric people claim that while driving by a streetlight in a car, the energy being put out by the distributor through the spark plug wires (100,000 volts with high current) is enough energy to put the bulb into a shutdown state. They say the bulb filament can act like an antennae which would attract the current to throw off the lights energy. According to the electricians, if a lamp goes out when you walk by then it is because the lamp has reached its critical shut off point for a few seconds. It takes time to walk by the lamp so it is noticed when it happens. They also state regarding new equipment, like CD players or televisions and radios, they shut down because of the electrical emissions from our brain waves. So these low level electrical units are susceptible to human brain emissions. Okay, these are good explanations, but I kind of have a little theory of my own. We are energy beings and all things around us are made of energy. Now, scientists know that people can throw out a lot of energy since they believe it is kinetic energy that causes poltergeist activity. So why couldnt a persons energy blow out a street lamp or make it flicker?

When there is a poltergeist haunting, the scientist will reason that there must be a human contributing factor. They will claim that someone in the house is using psychokinesis which is the power to move things with the energy generated in the mind. During 1948 in Macomb, Illinois there was one haunting case where the energy did not move things but caused them to burst into flames. When humans have the energy to do something like this, blowing out a street lamp looks like childs play. Many people tell me that these things happen when they are in an agitated state, or if they are thinking about it, or in heavy thought and not really paying attention. So this makes sense. If a person is mad or upset the energy levels are a lot higher and would affect things around them. If you are driving by a street lamp and think about the ones that have gone out, by having done this you are directing energy to the lamp that can interfere with it. If you are not paying attention and it is still happening, the energy levels are high so they have to go somewhere. P
Now, there are currently several studies being done on this phenomenon. Many researchers say that they will believe there is something to this theory if a person walks down the street and each light goes out as they go under it. This has not happened to any test subjects as of yet. It is usually just a few or random ones that will go out. The scientists stipulate that it has to be more than five lights consecutively before they will look at it seriously.

They also say it has to be something that happens all the time. We are emotional people and our energy reacts to our emotions. It would be impossible for this to be an occurrence that happens 24-7. That would be like asking for an electromagnetic storm on a daily bases. These occurrences happen sometimes, not every day, nor 24 hours a day but at random times which actually makes them more believable as they have not been purposely set up. Personally, I make street lights go down, make TVs go statically nuts. I also cant hold a credit card or Ill destroy the magnetic strip and it wont work. So do I believe people when they tell me these things happen to them? You bet I do. It is easy to explain when you think of quantum mechanics: if proton A does not recognize proton B, nothing happens. But when proton A does recognize proton B then there is a reaction. So, our energy, proton A meets the street lamps energy, proton B and hey, there is a reaction. Back when I was a teenager, I noticed that certain street lights and lamp posts used to turn off or flicker whenever I walked by. At the time,PI was intrigued; thinking it was some sort of electricalPphenomenon. Close to my house, there was one particular lamp post that seemed to turn off whenever I was in the vicinity. While reading up on the subject, I came across material on a topic called Street Light Interference (SLI), which is basically the belief that certain people (often referred to asPSLIders)Pare able to turn off street lights. The people that believe in this theory will often cite unknown energy sources from the human body, untappedPpsychokinetic abilities and static electricity.

To be honest I think that the SLI theory is nonsense, and that this is just a simple case of people wanting to believe that they have some sort of weird energy source insidePtheir bodies (we all like to believe that we are unique and special). PBecause they want to believe that their body is dispersing some sort of weird andPunidentified energy, they ignore the other more-likely possibilities (this is known as confirmation bias). Firstly, I think it is important to point out thatPStreet Light Interference has never been proven. i. e. Despite all of these claims of being able to turn off street lamps, nobody has been able to recreate or reproduce the phenomenon. Secondly Pyou are far more likely to remember a street light turning itself off. However, what about all of those times when the street light worked as intended? Did you make a mental note of that? I doubt it. Thirdly street lamps tend to usePsodium vapor bulbs, which start to cycle at the end of their lifespan (i. e. they repeatedly turn themselves off and on). The most likely explanation is that the bulb overheats, turns itself off, cools down and then restarts itself. Obviously people are likely to notice this cycle. This would also explain accounts fromPpeople who turn off a particularPstreet light. In conclusion: I think that a lot of people are in denial about this, simply because they want to believe that they have some sort of special power.

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