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why is my dog twitching while awake

Billy my 9 year old Jack Russel has been diagnosed with Canine Epilepsy, he had his first seizure 18 months ago, took him straight to the vets and was told it was probably a one off petit mal, I've since moved to France from UK and the vet here was excellent, he took blolod test right away and gave me the diagnosis there and then. Billy was put on Pexion twice daily to control the seizures which worked fine, he only had an isolated attack up until 2 weeks ago when he started having more frequent episodes, 3 nights ago he had a seizure during the night, the usual spasms and rigid body, paddling and pulled back lips, awful, it lasted about 5 minutes which is usual, the following night at 2:20 am he started moving round the bed restless and agitated, a sign I'm very familiar with, he started with the jerking movements as described in your post, it was like he had bad hiccups and he couldn't keep still, would lie down and get straight back up again, this lasted a couple of hours and was very distressing to witness, I recorded some of it on my tablet and took him to the vets next day, vet said this was definitely another seizure but milder than the usual ones he has had but nevertheless it was a seizure and lasted a long time.

My advice is to see your vet if you haven't already done so, please let me know how she is now and if you have been given a diagnosis, it's good to talk and listen to other dog owners who have experienced similar, hope she is ok and doing well.

Sorry for long post but difficult to put into a few words!!
Sorry, this isn't very game related, I hope some of you are dog owners or know anything useful.

My black Labrador, Tilly is very old at the moment and has got a fair few non aggressive cancerous lumps. She lives with her daughter, Flossie and a black cat who doesn't bother her that much. But recently I have noticed that as she dozes off during the day, after a while of sleeping soundly, she starts to shake violently and move her legs and head.

I don't know how long these spasms last because every time I have found her doing it I can't help but shake her a bit to wake her (stroking her to relax her doesn't help). I googled this but the only info I could were information on epilepsy in dogs but none of the information seemed to fit; my dog only experiences this whilst awake and she's probably too old to be having the spasms that a lot of sleeping puppies have. If you can help, please do! Thanks, fellow escapists!

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