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why do stink bugs come in my room

Get rid of stink bug eggs. Stink bugs eat fruit and vegetables, and they lay their barrel-shaped eggs in clumps on the undersides of leaves. Look for the eggs when temperatures warm up in the spring, and take measures to get rid of them. The soapy water method works as well outside as it does inside. Use a stick to knock the eggs - and any nearby stink bugs - from the leaves into a bucket of soapy water.

If you have a garden or a fruit tree that you think may be a home to stink bugs, consider trimming it back or getting rid of it. It's difficult to completely eliminate stink bugs from an area if they still have a food source around. Trim back bushes, weeds, and areas of overgrown foliage to prevent stink bugs from laying their eggs in your yard.
Flick them into an empty water bottle.

Take an empty water bottle and place the open bottle close to the stink bug. Use the bottle to collect the stink bug or bugs. Cap the bottle very tightly. Freeze the bottle with its offensive inhabitants in a freezer (preferably not one in which you store food). Overnight should be enough time to do them in. Once the stink bugs are frozen to death empty the bottle into the garbage or outside and use again.

Alternately, add a small amount of dish soap to the empty water bottle and reuse the bottle to catch as many stink bugs as you can. Catching the stink bugs on a vertical surface is easily accomplished by placing the water bottle opening over the stink bug. Once the stink bugs come in contact with the soap, they will suffocate.

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