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why do stingrays jump of the water

Why do stingrays jump out of thewater? Recently I was looking out over the Biscayne Bay towards Monument Island, daydreaming of when Id be able to open water swim to it. In these waters, around the sailboats, I saw a giant stingray jump out of the water, multiple times. Im used to seeing dolphins, manatees, and even sharks swimming through this path, but I have never seen a stringray jump out of the water. As if this goal of swimming across the Bay to Monument island wasnt already scary enoughthe distance, the sharks, I now face these flying, stinging sea creatures in my path to glory. Every night I look at Monument Island like Atreyu from Neverending Story as he approaches the Spinxes Gate. How can I be more confident to go for it? Step oneget a friend with a boat/jetski to ride along side me, who also has a Moby Dick spear to take care of any sharks that decide to get at me
Step twolearn more about stingrays, and if theyre even a threat. Ive been on a stingray tour and held them in Mexico, it was a cool experience, but I felt like they were tame touristy stingrays that were comfortable with people coming up and holding them.

Steve Erwin was killed by a stingray, shouldnt I be worried? He was stabbed in the heart, by a stingray in the Great Barrier Reef. The article says that its super rare to get stung, and that these two incidents are a fluke. It seems like the scientists dont really know why these animals are flying around, some say to shake off parasites, look for food, some theorize that its for a love of life. Michael Goldstein a 20 year old surfer from Palm Beach got stung by a sting ray last year, and hes doing fine. As I kept digging into resources and stories of things found in the Biscayne Bay, a 9 foot python was discovered in 2016 slithering near Southwest Eighth Street and 135th Avenue How to overcome open water fear of animals? Luckily, theres Another the main idea here, is baby steps. Maybe a little scuba diving can help. Maybe a visit to the aquarium will calm my nerves. Maybe just talking about it, being aware and prepared for anything will help me be more confident in this open water endeavor.

So why do stingrays jump out of the water? Im going with the fun theorythat they want to get out and enjoy the world. This theory will help me swim past them with confidence, even if that confidence consists of a knife strapped to my leg. Our Featured Video of the Week was filmed by BBC in the Gulf of California, Mexico, as part of a new BBC / Discovery coproduction television series. In this incredible video, you see mobula rays, sometimes called flying rays leaping effortlessly from the sea while gathered in groups of hundreds. Why do they do it? Scientists are still completely unsure of the reason. Mobula rays have flat bodies and pectoral fins similar to wings, which makes it easy for them to glide through the water and fly through the air. These rays can launch more than two metres (6ft 6ins) in the air, but their landing is not as graceful with a large splash and a belly-flop back into the water. Joshua Stewart, from the Gulf of California Marine Program at Scripps Institution of Oceanography says, Sitting in a boat in the midst of these aggregations is akin to sitting in a pot of popcorn as the kernels explode into the air.

Everywhere you look mobulas are leaping out of the water and landing with a loud smack, sometimes just a couple of meters from you. The mobulas launch themselves straight up out of the water at top speed, and most often they land flat on their belly. However, sometimes they seem to lose control and do flips and twists before reconnecting with the water. While the jumping behaviour may occur during feeding or courting events, we believe that the most likely purpose of the jumping behavior is communication, which could have a variety of applications in different behavioral scenarios. However it is very likely that mantas, mobulas and eagle rays jump for a variety of reasons. It is rare for scuba divers to witness this activity because mobulas seem to be pretty skittish around divers. Have you been lucky enough to witness this behavior? For more details about this film visit Life through the Lens:

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