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why do people get married in a church

As someone working full-time in Campus Ministry, one of my frequent responsibilities is preparing couples for marriage. One frequent question I hear from couples is, БCan we get married outside in the park,Б or БCan we get married at the country club? Б Often what theyБre looking for is a location more convenient to their reception, or a place more aesthetically pleasing than the Newman Center or their local parish church. I usually end up explaining to these couples that the Catholic Church expects that a wedding, being a solemn and sacramental event, should occur in a churchБin sacred space. Usually thatБs something that they understand, and itБs not a problem. Occasionally I hear, БWell, isnБt God present equally everywhere?

Б To this I generally respond, БWell, yes, GodБs just as present at the bus station downtown, but you wouldnБt want to get married there, would you? Б
We Catholics take this notion of sacred space very seriously. ThatБs why being inside a church feels different from being somewhere else. An atmosphere of peace, reverence, and respect is important to us, so that all will feel welcome, and so that a sense of GodБs loving presence permeates the place. We believe that weddings are sacred moments, which should ordinarily happen in the place where the bride or groom worships, with their families and their faith community. A church isnБt just a set or backdrop for a wedding; rather a wedding is an expression of a faith communityБs joys and hopes.

Of course, there are occasionally special circumstances which might require a wedding in a different location. For that to happen in most dioceses, permission must be granted. The Catholic party should discuss with his or her parish priest the process for seeking such permission. In many places that permission is difficult to obtain, unless the reason is particularly serious. БI just want to be married outsideБ is generally not going to be reason enough. 10 Good Reasons to Get Married in a Church I want God to be at the center of this momentous event. I desire God's guidance in my married life. I love this church and I am an active participant in it.

I was once an active participant in this church, and I miss it. I trust that this church community will support me and my new family. I have moved away, and I have a church home where I live now but this was once my church home and I treasure the ways in which it has shaped me. This was once my church home, and while I don't have a spiritual community now, I long to find one soon. This has never been my church home but it was my partner's and I treasure the ways in which it has shaped my future spouse. My partner and I have two different religious traditions, but we have agreed that this place can be sacred for both of us on our wedding day. This seems to be a holy place, and we want to find the Spirit here. 10 Bad Reasons to Get Married in a Church I have always wanted to walk down the aisle.

I love the way this church looks in pictures. I love the way I look, in this church, in pictures. My parents/grandparents/relatives would kill me if I didn't. This was once my church home and if I don't, people will be disappointed. This was once my church home and I have not missed it; in fact, I resent it, so it's about time they did something nice for me. This was once my partner's church home and while I can't see that it made or makes any difference in my future spouse's life, the family wants us to get married here, so whatever. It is conveniently located nearby the site of the wedding reception. It has good parking. It's cheap.

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