why do we need a healthy lifestyle

Everyone knows you need to eat healthy, exercise more, reduce stress level, spend more time with your family and give back to society. And, of course, don't forget to smile at your neighbor every now and then even if you're in a bad mood. 1. Your body will stand better against infections
When you increase the level of nutrients in your body with a balanced diet and cut down the bad fats, you raise your antioxidant level, which means that you increase your defense system against the villains like infections and the ravages of free radicals. 2. You are protected from 20th century diseases Many of us come face to face with what we fear the most: common, sometimes fatal diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and cancer. While genetics play an important role in determining the chances of you getting them, a conscious effort on your part to eat a better diet and exercise regularly will protect your organs and keep your engine running efficiently 24/7. 3. You will lose fat as a 'side effect' By eating the right proportion of protein, carbohydrates and fats and by eating frequently (5-6 proper mini meals a day), your body has absolutely no reason to store body fat as it will not anticipate starvation at any time. Your metabolism will run at full steam all day. Include aerobic training and strength training at least 3 times a week and your body fat will melt off as a result. 4. You will have more energy It's true! Some people think that working out will make them tired all the time. The opposite is true as your heart is strengthened, it works more efficiently and your body runs on optimum speed provided by the nutrients in your balance diet. Of course, the opposite is true if you overtrain and limit your food intake below the recommended level of the FDA. You will end up burnt out and become vulnerable to infections as a result. 5.

You will sleep better An efficient machine creates a natural remedy for sleeplessness as it demands rest when it needs to repair the body. 6. You will have less stress Endorphines that are created as a byproduct of exercise has a calming effect on the body and mind. It makes you a happier person in general. 7. You will be stronger This is a no brainer, really. As your heart gets stronger from consistent cardiovascular exercise, strength training will reward you by shaping itself to better proportions and increase your strength. This is important, especially for your core because it stabilizes your body and protect you from injury. Protect your lower back at all cost! 8. You will have more confidence For you ladies, you don't need to turn off the lights at night now as you are proud of your body and want to show it off more! For the guys, it boosts your ego when the ladies line up outside your door. A confident person affects everyone around him/her in a good way. 9. Your loved ones will appreciate your efforts As you become fitter, happier and healthier, your family will want to share in your success and be a part of your newfound freedom 10. You will inspire others You probably don't realize this but when you strut your stuff across the room, there will be someone at the other end of that room who becomes inspired to change their life too just to be like you! So make that decision today as every day you put it off could possibly take one year off your life. However, if 10 reasons are not enough to turn you around, put this article aside, look into your child's eyes and hope that you will still be around when your first grandchild is born. And please, put that cigarette out. by Emilee T on Dcembre 5, 2012 - 8:54pm Why do we need to focus on living a healthy lifestyle? P Living a healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness because having a healthy lifestyle means all parts of a persons life are balanced physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, environmentally and socially.

P It is important for people to change their unhealthy lifestyles to healthy ones; there are many ways to do this. P People can make healthier food choices as well as getting daily exercise. P PPeople could start facing their problems, whether it may be with their inner self, family and friends, work or significant other. P There are many ways to make these relationships healthier, like going to a therapist or talking through it with those involved. P Healthy lifestyles can mean changing a persons way of doing thing. P In addition, doing things they enjoy or believe in that will eventually make them feel better in the life they are living. P Some examples are having religious involvement, community service, enjoying hobby, socializing with friends and family or etc. P I really think having a healthy lifestyle is making the best choices in any situation and just being happy with your life. P People need to make having a healthy lifestyle a priority because overall it will benefit everyone, and it will make you feel more satisfied. P Today there is much advertising for fast food restaurants and other unhealthy goodies; it is no wonder why so many people are living unhealthy lifestyles. P People are not taught or educated on what a healthy diet consists of and why physical activity is important. P There is an organization in California, by the name of IMPACT, developed by the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Science. P It has promoted healthy living, which has changed lifestyles of many Californians. P UC Davis has taken action to educate students about healthy lifestyles to prevent eating disorders and obesity.

Nutrition professors have created graphic websites, PowerPoints and videos to help students get a logical understanding in their classes. P Extension specialists have also provided a physical activity and nutrition program for Californian youths. P This contains classroom information regarding healthy lifestyles and physical activity, a booklet, and an interactive Web site. P According to Stern (2012), based on more than 30,000 applicants, statistics show that 42% of students made positive changes in dietary habits and 56% in physical activity practices. P It is evident that these programs are working to help students achieve a healthier lifestyle, and this is why not only students but other people should learn more about obtaining a healthier lifestyle. P The education and activities are giving the students the knowledge and ability to make a difference in their dietary habits. This change will make a big difference, because it will cause a happier and healthier society. P I believe that programs like this should be available to every community, school, and college. PI feel that college and high schools should take on a similar role to UC Davis and incorporate these classroom programs. P As for community members, there should be an interactive website for them on the same criteria. PI also think that a modified program, like the one by UC Davis should be implemented at the elementary school level. P Children should be educated about healthy lifestyles at a young age. P This will provide them with healthy eating patterns and the importance of physical activity, so later in life they will not have problems with eating disorders or obesity. Stern, J. , Dr. (n. d. ). Promoting healthy lifestyles. Retrieved December 5, 2012, from UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Science website:

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