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why does my computer keep locking up

I used to use Avast myself until it started giving me problems. I can no longer remember what the problems actually were, but I switched to Microsoft Securities Essentials and never had the issue again. It works seamlessly with Windows and works great with Malwarebytes. If you decide to try MSE, don't run Avast at the same time. As soon as MSE is installed and working, uninstall Avast.

One other crazy notion came to mind. I live in an area that is quite cold in winter months. My furnace humidifier can't keep up during those months. The environment gets quite dry. As a result, I get a lot of ESD issues. Constantly getting zapped touching things. If I forget to ground myself before I insert a flash drive, there's a good chance an ESD discharge will freeze my PC. A hard reset is the only way out.

Just thought I'd mention that in case you think it might have a bearing on your situation.
About a 3 weeks ago my PC started randomly locking up. I could be playing a game, web browsing, or even not be at my computer at all and it would completely lock up. The display would just freeze, but audio would immediately cut. It would stay like this until I manually shut down my PC by holding down the power button.

It has also has happened a few times at start up. Once when the PC just started and it was on the motherboard name/hit f12 for bios screen. Another before I even put in my password for my user name on windows. I can not forcefully recreate the problem, nor have I ever gotten a BSOD, as well as no errors in my event viewer.

I'm assuming it is my hard drive but I'm still not 100% sure. Ive checked to make sure it wasn't my ram, cpu, and video card. I'm certain it's not my power supply, the only things left is my hard drive, sound card, and motherboard. I'm not even sure if it's a hardware issue. If anyone could give their 2 cents on the problem it would be much appreciated AMD Phenom x4 II 955 BE @3. 8GHz

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