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why do people get koi fish tattoos

As mentioned earlier, koi fish were originally common carp and have been bred for distinct colors. Different meanings are associated with each color. Some of the major colors of koi fish are:
Yellow, orange, or gold Black The black koi is associated with successfully overcoming an obstacle. This symbol is great for those who have gone through a tough battle in life and have finally made it to a place of strength. These obstacles can include depression, drug addiction, an abusive relationship, and many other situations.

In Japanese culture, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters are all symbolized by different-colored koi fish. On Children's Day (May 5), families fly flags of the fish representing each member of their household so that they appear to "swim upstream" against the wind. The black koi is the symbol of the father. Red The red koi often has the connotation of love. Not just any loveБa very intense love. A red or orange koi is a symbol for the mother of the family, and a red or pink koi is a symbol for a daughter.

Red koi can also symbolize power and bravery, both common associations with the color red. The blue koi is often very masculine and can be associated with reproduction. Blue and white koi are symbols of the son of a family. As with anything blue, it also represents peace, tranquility, and calmness. Yellow Tattoos often use a combination of yellow and orange to represent a gold-colored koi. These gold-colored fish symbolize fortune and wealth. The Japanese term for them is yamabuki.

Sometimes called Бliving jewels,Б koi are a highly recognizable and respected fish. Their presence in our society represents a strong interest in Eastern Asian culture. Koi fish have been a staple of Japanese folklore through the ages. One story detailing a koiБs journey upstream the Yellow River describes how the koi fought the current to leap over a waterfall. The gods approved of this heroic koi and turned him into a golden dragon as reward. Ancient tales like this have formed the mythical symbolism of koi fish.

Koi are often admired for their endurance and perseverance in the face of adversity, as seen in the koi fish leaping over the waterfall. Swimming koi represent advancement and determination. Fish in general symbolize wealth and surplus, and the Chinese believe koi particularly represent good fortune in business and academics. Buddhists on the other hand see koi as representations of courage. Together in a koi pond, they represent love and friendship.

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