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why is my dog snoring all of a sudden

We just settle into our comfortable bed and turn the lights out and are grateful at the peacefulness and quiet of the night after a long hard day. We have our faithful and loving companions sleeping quietly beside us on their beds
or in our beds, and then just as we slowly drift off to never land, the earth shatters with a loud grunting, heaving, rumble! Our darling dog is snoring so loudly a train could have rumbled through the house! Why do they snore? Old dogs are prone to snoring for a number of reasons. The followingPcould playPa role: If your older dog is on any medication for pain or congestion. These could potentially partially block their airwavesPfrom relaxing the surrounding muscles. If your old dog is overweight this can push the upper airways closed. It is best to keep your dog s weight under control for many reasons besides snoring. If you smoke, or someone you live with does, tobacco is a huge irritant to the respiratory system. Old dogs that havePnasal congestion will snore. Any mucus clogging up the airways will lead to snoring. Brachycephalic breeds like Pekinese, Pugs and Boston Terriers will tend to get nasal infections and blocked airways and so almost always serenade you with their snoring. As it is with people, if the old dog is lying on their back they will tend to snore.

Roll them over onto their side and this will stop. Funny, how owners and their old dog will tend to behave in the same way! A thought to ponder over and possibly find the connection. Although I don t think the owner s arms and legs will be facing straight up into the air while on their backside! So if your older dog snores and is keeping you awake, try a bed for them that they can curl up into. Sometimes that helps by preventing them from laying on their backs. I mention numerous tips on helping older dogs in my E-book,. Other possible solutions are walking them when pollen is less irritating. This can affect old dogs just like it can people with allergies. Pollution can be another irritant for them. Be aware of where and when you are walking them. You d be surprised how modifying the slightest routine can have a profound difference. Enjoy your older dog for as long as they are still with you. The day may come when you will love to hear the sound of them snoring because you know they are stillPbreathing! Now that is worth thinking about! Does your dog snore? Share your comments and information below. Does your dog s snoring keep you up at night? We seem to put up with dog snoring more than spouse snoring, says Dr.

Bernadine Cruz, a Laguna Hills, Calif. , veterinarian and nationally recognized expert in companion animal health. Your dog s snoring, however, is more than an annoyance; it may be an indication of a wide range of health problems. Any time a dog develops a new sign, such as snoring, it is a good idea to at least check in with your veterinarian, notes Dr. Lauren Boyd, a veterinarian and an internal medicine specialist with Michigan Veterinary Specialists in Auburn Hills, Mich. Any change could indicate a new problem. If it s not a new problem but is progressing, your dog should also see a veterinarian. Why Dogs Snore Any level of snoring indicates something is at last partially obstructing your dog s airways. Veterinarians say common causes include: Rhinitis Your dog might have a temporary inflammation in its nose. Dogs can catch upper respiratory infections or even suffer from allergies. Fungal disease Aspergillosis is a type of fungal disease caused by a mold found in hay, grass clippings and similar environments. Left untreated, this fungal disease can cause discomfort, loss of appetite and serious health problems. Foreign bodies or tumors Your dog could have inhaled something that is blocking its breathing.

Snoring could also indicate a tumor, says Boyd. Dental problems Bad teeth can cause your dog to snore, says Cruz. A bad tooth can lead to an abscess that penetrates the nasal sinus passages. Left untreated, dental problems can become a source of infection for the whole body, advises Cruz, which could lead to kidney failure down the road. Obesity Like humans, our dogs are getting plumper. And just as obesity can lead to snoring in humans, it may cause breathing difficulties in dogs. As your dog breathes in and out, obesity makes the trachea rings slam shut, explains Cruz. Breed-related anatomy Brachycephalic breeds -- the breeds with very short noses, such as English/French bulldogs, Boston terriers and pugs -- have a natural tendency to snore. But it s a good idea to check with your veterinarian to make sure the snoring is normal and not an indication of a health issue, says Cruz. For instance, a pug or Boston terrier might be born with nostrils that are squeezed almost shut. After surgical correction, the dogs have so much energy. They re running around and finally breathing, says Cruz. How to Help Your Dog Because snoring can be related to so many different causes, Boyd and Cruz emphasize the importance of having your snoring dog evaluated.

You can help your veterinarian by being an observant dog owner. Keep a pet diary to note changes in your dog s behavior and health so a veterinarian can look for patterns. For example, if your dog was snoring and sneezing last May and again this May, it might have an allergy tied to spring blooms. Use your smartphone to videotape your snoring dog instead of trying to describe the snores. The volume or pattern of snoring isn t the only information that will help your veterinarian, says Boyd. It is often helpful to know if the snoring is accompanied by sneezing, nasal discharge or nasal bleeding, she says. It is also helpful to know if the discharge or bleeding affects both sides of the nose or just one. If the nasal discharge is watery, your dog is likely suffering from an allergy or something similar, says Cruz. A mucous-laden or bloody discharge is an indication that your dog needs to see a veterinarian immediately. Don t simply tolerate your dog s snoring. It can really decrease your dog s quantity of life and your dog s quality of life, says Cruz. If you ve ever had that really bad cold and can t breathe and can t eat, then you know how hard it is to live with a breathing problem. Photo: @iStockphoto. com/

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