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why do slippery fluids such as oil reduce sliding friction

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Four children pull on the same toy at the same time, yet there is no net force on the toy. How is that possible? Why do slippery fluids such as oil reduce sliding friction? Will a flat sheet of paper dropped from a height of 2 m accelerate at the same rate as a piece of paper crumpled into a ball? Why or why not? Explain how force, mass, and acceleration are related by Newton s second law of motion. Suppose you are an astronaut making a space walk outside your space station when your jet pack runs out of fuel. How can you use your empty jet pack to get you back to the station? Draw a diagram showing the motion of a satellite around Earth. Label the forces acting on the satellite. Is the satellite accelerating? What kind of friction allows you to walk without slipping?

You are moving fast on a skateboard when your wheel gets stuck in a crack on the sidewalk. Using the term, explain what happens. Look at the diagram below of two students pulling a bag of volleyball equipment. The friction force between the bag and the floor is 15 N. What is the net force acting on the bag? What is the acceleration of the bag? When you drop a golf ball to the pavement, it bounces up. Is a force needed to make it bounce up? If so, what exerts the force? A 7. 3-kg bowling ball accelerates at a rate of 3. 7 m/s. What force acts on the bowling ball? A 240-kg snow-mobile travels at 16 m/s. The mass of the driver is 75 kg. What is the momentum of the snowmobile and driver? Use the illustration showing a collision between two balls to answer Questions 23 25.

Use the formula for momentum to find the momentum of each ball before and after the collision. Assume the mass of each ball is 0. 4 kg. Find the total momentum before and after collision. Is the law of conservation of momentum satisfied in this collision? Explain. Design an experiment in which you could show that momentum is not conserved between the balls when friction is strong. Test your vehicle to make sure it will work on the type of floor in your classroom. Will the vehicle stay within the bounds set by your teacher? Identify all the forces acting on the vehicle. What was the most significant source of friction for your vehicle? List at least three features you included in the design of the vehicle that led to an improvement in its performance. For example, did you give it a smooth shape for low air resistance?

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