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why do people get boils or risens

I am 37 years old and just got my first boil. The first two days, it was a small. Then it grew to the size of a quarter and hurt like crazy any time it rubbed against my sleeve or breast. I didn't know what it was at first, so I left it alone. By the fifth day, it grew to the size of a 50 cent piece and deep. I applied hot towels soaked in vinegar and wrapped them like some lady told me to do. I sealed it with tape over night. In the morning, it came to the surface, and I did the same process again.

It was painful, and I couldn't walk or lift my arms. I went to bed and it burned so bad because it had started to drain. It burned before but this was a stinging, painful burn. After some fluid was released, it felt better and I could walk and move again, but it hurt still. It slowly keeps draining. It has been six days now. I keep it clean and bandage it. Here's my process: 1).

I clean it with a soft damp towel, soap and water. 2). I put on peroxide. 3. ) I put medicine on the fabric bandage called Boil Ease that I bought at my local drugstore. Tonight, I will apply heated towels over the bandage and clean it again. I must do the bandaging three times a day if it is draining, sometimes more. It is still huge. Somehow it is just keeps releasing fluid, but a friend told me I might have to lance it at the doctor's since it is so big.
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