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why do nba players wear sleeves on non shooting arm

I was just watching the 2009 Finals between the Magic and the Lakers and something that surprised me other than a super-effective Dwight Howard was that no one had long tights. Compare it to the 2017 Finals, where Steph, KD, Draymond, Kyrie, JR and Love had it (and thatБs only from the starting 5). You can also see this daily, most NBA players now have the longer tights.

It actually looks weird to me when I see Lonzo without them. When did the longer tights become such a trend? Edit: Just looked up Steph in 09, wasnБt wearing tights. I havenБt seen him without tights for at least the past 3 years.
Getty Images What s up with NBA players wearing sleeves on one arm only?

The trend has some WBZ viewers. What purpose does it serve for NBA players to wear a sleeve on one arm only? Sharyn from Danvers asked. WBZ s Dan Roche says there a few reasons for the seemingly unnecessary sleeve. KEEPS THE SHOOTING ARM WARM Some of the players sport the one-armed sleeve on the shooting arm to keep it warm, much like a baseball pitcher would to keep his pitching arm muscles from cooling down, Roche said.

PREVENTS SCRATCHES In Ray Allen s case, he started wearing a sleeve on his left arm last year after Detroit s Rip Hamilton s long fingernails scratched up Allen s arm as he guarded him.

So, the sleeve can act as a protection during the game. FASHION TRENDS SELL Roche says the last reason is that it has become fashionable for players to wear the sleeves. Young basketball players and kids have been spending money to buy the sleeves. So it turns out the trend-setting sleeves are also big merchandise money-makers.

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