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why do my youtube videos keep pausing

The first step is to look deeper into what may be happening. Use Task Manager, Performance Monitor, and Resource Monitor to observe what all is happening on your computer while you watch YouTube Videos. See if some application, process, or service takes all of the CPU, memory, drive read/writes, or network resources. For example some application may be trying to "phone home" and just will not stop doing so.

You did not mention any errors or warnings per se. However, Event Viewer may provide some informational log entry that corresponds with the pause times. May be many such entries as I read your post. Start watching. Eliminate each possible culprit one by one until the pausing stops.

Do so carefully so as not to shut down the system - find out, via some googling if necessary, what each application, process, or service may be. Disable and continue. Just be methodical and keep notes - you may need to reverse some action on your part.
If your Internet connection isn t causing YouTube to pause regularly, your browser might be.

Testing YouTube in another browser can help determine whether or not this is the case. Clearing your browser s cookies and temporary file cache effectively gives the program a clean slate and may be enough to get YouTube working again. You should also examine the extensions and add-ons running on top of your browser and disable any that might be interfering with YouTube (this could include video codec extensions or streaming file managers).

As a general rule, keep your browser and its plugins updated with the latest versions -- this ensures maximum compatibility with YouTube and the technology that underpins it.

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