why do my youtube videos end early

Exactly the same for me as well. I ve noticed the exact same thing as you guys. When signed in, the videos cut off early regardless of what platform I m watching on. (Laptop,iPhone, PS4, School Desktop, etc. ) I normally use Firefox as my browser, but I don t believe that s affecting it, seeing as even the PS4 Youtube app does the same thing.

The only common thing among the platforms is being signed into my account. I ve tried clearing browsing history and the such as these answers from a few months ago say, but I ve noticed this trend in the last month and it s really starting to bother me. I really hope someone has an answer/solution.
Recently I have some problems viewing some of the videos on YouTube.

The video will ends abruptly/early. I took me a while to figure out that it is not the YouTuber that ends the video suddenly, but rather it is the problem with the video player itself! The problem only happens when the video contain annotation at the end. (See below for the example of annotation) I m not sure if this happens to other web browser, but for my case it happens with Firefox.

To solve this problem, you ll need to clear your web browser cache or cookies for YouTube. To clear it in Firefox, follow the steps below: Open the menu.

Select Options. Go to Privacy and click on remove individual cookies. Search for youtube. And then select all the cookies (select multiple cookies by holding the shift button). Then click on the Remove Selected button. The close. Now you should be able to view the entire video without any problem.

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