why do songs start with red wine

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Uploading. Swedish group Tom Mick Maniacs released their version of the song in 1967. This appears to be the first recorded version of the song. released a the same year as Diamond's version (1968), for the market. It charted at number thirty-six. In 1968, singer Peter Tetteroo, of Dutch beat group Tee Set, released a cover version that reached number six on the Dutch top-40 chart. , a Jamaican singer, recorded a -influenced version in 1969 which reached number forty-six on the, this became and has been included in numerous reggae compilations since.

The song was also covered in 1969 by singer. In 1970, a remake by became a minor Billboard Hot 100 hit, peaking at number 72 and reached number 30 on the Adult Contemporary chart. In early 1972, singer enjoyed a top 20 hit with his version, reaching number 17 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and number 16 on the Canada Country chart. Mexican ballad band recorded a Spanish version named Vino Tinto (lit. Red Wine). included the song on their 2004 double studio album,. "Red Red Wine" was also performed by Peter Tetteroo, former singer of, a Dutch band, in 1968.

The song has also been performed by along with UB40 on the last episode of the season two show. In 2001, singer released a version on the Buy Out Riddim instrumental, best known performed by, with the song entitled, " ". This was the first time the song was performed on a totally different tracking. The lyrics were also re-written. In 2008, also released a dancehall single ("No Time To Gaze") based on the UB40 version. In March 2017, to signify he was joining the the team's colours include the darkish red "wine".

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