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why do songs disappear from my itunes library

Seriously! I had 127 songs in one of my playlist and only had 9 left yesterday morning. I checked the other playlists and they seem to be left in tact. However, a few hours later, they all were reduced to just a few songs. This was on my iPhone. Luckily, I checked my mac and iPad and the playlists all seemed to be intact still. Whew! I thought to myself, "Must be a server thing on Apple's end. "
Then, cut to today, my playlists seemed to think that it was a good idea to sync my mac and iPad to the playlists that were showing up in my iPhone. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!?!?! I'm not an idiot.

In fact, I work in tech and understand that this was not a user error. This has to be an issue on Apple's side. Hours and hours of carefully adding my Spotify playlists song-by-song to the new Apple Music service and now they're just all gone. I don't even know what to do. I'm just speechless. I doubt that even Apple would be able to salvage the playlists that I once had. Silver lining is, I guess I could turn my Spotify subscription back on. At least they've never once messed up my playlists in the few years that I've had them. But I really just wanted Apple Music to work.

Apple, seriously?! What's going on? You obviously do not maintain backups. - "With iTunes in the Cloud, you can access your past purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, and Mac App Store. " - enabled with iTunes 10. 3 and newer; not all media formats are available in all countries (see: iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match, and iTunes Radio availability by country - apps, books (not audiobooks), music, t. v. shows, and movies (some - not all studios have permitted this). Downloading previously purchased movies and TV shows requires iTunes 10. 6 or later.

Discontinued items not available. For items not included in the iCloud list (e. g. , ringtones, audiobooks, alert tones, rental movies), or locations or computer systems where iCloud is not (yet? ) available, you only get one download per fee paid. Apple recommends, ". back up your iTunes library. " ( ). - "Some iTunes Products, including but not limited to Content rentals, may be downloaded only once and cannot be replaced if lost for any reason. It is your responsibility not to lose, destroy, or damage iTunes Products once downloaded, and you may wish to back them up. "

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