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why do my water pipes make a humming noise

The issue of home low frequency hum is discussed on several blogs. I did some searches om Home Hum Noise
RE: House is humming, literally Fri, May 1, 09 at 18:22 Have had exactly the same problem. Problem so bad its been giving neighbours headaches-sleep pattern deprivation etc etc. A low resonant humming getting stronger at night etc etc. Not caused by traffic,electricity etc. Humming caused by water pipe vibrations causing all sorts of low frequency bass like wooing noises. Have found the problem tonight pressure variance in water mains pressures. Too much pressure causes pipes to hum. Possible causes pumping station pressures too high pressure reducing valves malfunctioning mains pipes causing transient noise due to a Dead end section of the mains pipe. Symptoms that can be checked when the hum is at its loudest turn one of your taps on the hum may reduce if the pressure lessens in the mains supplying the house have you noticed any high flow/pressure rates from your taps? Not certain but a loss of water pressure may have similar properties also. If in doubt get your water utility company to do a flow/pressure check on the mains /in your house etc. reduce the mains pressure if not try to get neighbours etc to turn theirs on at the same time etc.

I live in england in wales in Newport. I will now update my posts when the utility company is made aware of the cause of my problem and tells me how they are going to fix it. This is a problem with humming that for me has been caused by mains water supply pressure problem not necessarily your problem. Simply turning the stop cock to your house off is not enough the problems still there because the pipes are still singing to the pressure problem. Hope this helps somebody. RE: House is humming, literally Tue, Jun 23, 09 at 17:31 Wow, I do not believe that so many people has the problem I have been having for three years. I am amazed when someone suggests tinnitus. I have explained I hear humming, not ringing. It is a sound and not a noise. Mine sounds like a low hum of a refrigerator or a motor lowly idling. I have had plumber, water, gas, power, and anybody else you can imagine here in my house in Georgia.

This is a 1970s house and the hum began about two weeks after having a new water heater installed. The pressure was too high and the plumber came in and corrected it. Two weeks later, the hum began. I don t get a complete night s sleep at all. What little sleep I get comes from le4aving the tv on late and then turning the radio on. Now, I can run the attic fan all night so I don t have to hear it. Some people have heard it and others haven t. I stopped mentioning it for fear people thought I was losing my great mind-lol. People still ask me time to time if I still hear it. I tell them yes. When the power is out, it s just me and the hum. Drives me nuts. It is 24/7, never stops and in every room of my house. You can t escape it. I had a client in my office and he asked, what is that. I said, oh you hear that. He said yes, what is it. I said, I wish I knew. There are a couple of things here that s given me some hope. I will try the water trick, though I believe my plumber did all of thesse things. I will have the telephone company come out to check the lines.

Everything else, I believe I have done. Good luck to all of us living with this in all areas of the country. on September 12 in by on Why are my pipes humming? It could be down to a few reasons. Maybe your pipes are too small. Your water pressure could be changing when you turn your taps on. Your toilet tank might not be refilling properly. Or maybe your washers are all worn out. Thankfully, humming pipes are one of those plumbing problems that donвt require a professional to sort them out. There are a few basic repairs you can carry out for yourself. Hereвs how. If the humming stops when you turn your taps on, your water pressure could be too high. To check, get yourself a water pressure test gauge from your local DIY store and attach it to your outside tap. Turn the tap on, and the gauge will display the pressure. If itвs more than 60psi, youвll need to adjust the pressure reducer valve on your main water line. Itвs usually located in your basement or near your water meter. The pressure reducer valve should be completely open.

If it isnвt, turn it gently anticlockwise. If this doesnвt work, you might need to change the washer. Make sure you ask your water company to shut off your supply before you try to change the washer. Then, unscrew the screw that connects the handle to the tap. Remove the handle, unscrew the nut, and remove the washer. Pop the new washer in, tighten the nut and replace the handle. If the humming starts after youвve flushed the toilet, youвll need to close off individual shut-off valves to locate the source of the sound. When the noise stops, open each valve one at a time. If the noise starts again when you do this, you might need to replace the tank fill valve. Add a few drops of food colouring to the water in your toilet tank. Give it about 30 seconds and then check to see if the water in the bowl changes colour. If it does, your toilet flapper (a small rubber plug) is leaking and youвll need to replace it. Take a look at the pressure relief valve on your hot water heater for leaks. Youвll find these either on top of your water tank or on the side.

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