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why do pitbulls have a bad name

Another oft-mentioned pit bull defense involves claims that they were nicknamed "nanny dogs" in the early 1900s because of their devotion to children. The label is sometimes backed with vintage photos of youngsters riding or cuddling pit bulls. After an anti-pit bull website posted photos of kids straddling alligators and offered evidence that the claim was actually cooked up in 1971 by the president of a Staffordshire bull terrier club, some advocates backtracked. BAD RAP, the Bay Area group that helped rescue Vick's dogs, conceded in 2013 that the "nanny dog" claim was "a recent invention. "
Ask people why or do a web search on the subject and you will get all kinds of answers. The answers will depend on whom you ask. The argument goes back and forth between the Pit Bull lovers and the haters. You see it on the web and in the news, those who say the dogs are dangerous and those who say they are people-lovers.

There is something I rarely hear and it is the reason behind all of this breed hype. When I bring the argument up to the Pit Bull haters no one can deny it, yet the subject is scooted around. People who are convinced the breed is dangerous never want to talk about it or consider it. If we could flip a switch and every Pit Bull Terrier would disappear off the face of the earth the breed scare would soon be replaced with a different type of dog that would get the same bad reputation. Fact is, the reason the breed has such a bad reputation is the percentage of people that idolize the breed are a certain type of person; the Pit Bull Terrier has become the breed of choice by certain types of criminals. If there were suddenly no more Pit Bulls these people would find another breed of dog to take its place.

The and the have gotten lucky and have been replaced by the Pit Bull. Pit Bulls have become status symbols by many criminals and it appears to be politically incorrect to admit that it is not the breed of dog, but the type of people who own the dog, who affect that dog s temperament. Study up on natural dog behavior and you will find that a dog's temperament is a direct result of his owner s ability to understand him and give him what he instinctually needs as a canine animal. From drug dealers to dog fighters, the Pit Bull Terrier is a victim of criminals who mistreat it starting at a young age. They grab the puppies by the scruff of the neck and roughly face them up with other puppies. They teach them and encourage them to bark, growl, protect and attack.

This type of dog owner rarely gets their and they keep the dog chained, as they want the dog to be aggressive. According to the American Humane Association approximately 92% of fatal dog attacks involved male dogs, 94% of which were not neutered. Approximately 25% of fatal dog attacks involved. The people fighting the Pit Bull are looking for dogs with dog aggression. NOT human aggression. When a dog fighter has a good fighting dog, the dog's aggression is toward other dogs, not humans. Dog fighters must be able to step into the ring and pull their dog off without their dog turning around and attacking them. They must be able to have their dog in a room full of betting bystanders without the dog attacking the humans. It is a myth that Pit Bulls are bred to attack people. The thugs train them to fight other dogs, not humans.

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