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why do pitbulls attack for no reason

When you hear about a dog attack, chances are good that a pit bull was involved. Pit bulls can be dangerous. But they are not the only dog breed that attacks. The, however, often points out when an attack was from a pit bull because that makes news. Attacks from other breeds might not make news coverage at all. There s an old saying, Dog bites a man is not news. Man bites a dog is news. That phrase could be updated to Pit bull bites a man gets media attention. Are pit bulls more prone to attack? What characterize a particular breed of dog are its physical and behavioral attributes. Pit bulls were bred to fight other dogs, so they are more likely than other breeds to attack dogs. Pit bulls, however, are
than other dogs to attack people. People who bred pit bulls to fight other animals didn t allow aggression to be directed at them. What factors make dogs more prone to attack? Improper socialization: The reason a pit bull attacks a person is typically from having early negative experiences and not being socialized properly. Chaining a pit bull or any other dog breed outside or keeping that dog locked in a room away from family members makes a dog more prone to attack or to bite when a person does come around. They re trained to: Pit bulls are the dogs of choice for drug dealers and gang members who often train their dogs to attack people. Abuse: Pit bulls are used for the cruel and sadistic activity of. Pit bulls are bred and trained to fight in a small, enclosed area, often until one dog dies. Dog fighting is a felony in all 50 states. Unneutered: Intact male dogs are usually more aggressive toward other intact male dogs. When two such dogs encounter each other, they are more likely to fight.

This behavior is not specific to pit bulls. How do I socialize a pit bull? You socialize a pit bull the same way you socialize any other dog. If you don t know how to train dogs yourself, go to training classes with your pit bull or hire a trainer to show you what to do. The prime socialization period for dogs is between 3 and 12 weeks old. It s more difficult to socialize a dog older than 18 weeks. Expose your puppy to people, other dogs and different places. You can also look for puppy classes that allow off-leash play with other puppies. If you rescued a pit bull and need to start socialization after the puppy period is over, start taking the dog on daily walks. Walking and exercising makes dogs calmer and more submissive. Use a muzzle. That way, you can let your pit bull socialize with other dogs without worrying about him biting. In Virginia, US, a young woman has died in tragic circumstances after being mauled by her own dogs. Police said Bethany Stephens, 22, was attacked by her two pit bulls while out for a walk - despite having raised them since they were puppies. to convince them the dogs were responsible. What would make a dog turn on its owner so dramatically? Experts say it's still unclear. But generally speaking, there are several factors that make dogs lash out. Here are some to be aware of. They don't like stress. or Christmas Sean Wensley, Senior Veterinary Surgeon at the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), says dogs can be aggressive when they feel threatened. "The motivation for lots of dog bites is fear," he says. "Others are territorial - if they're guarding something that they highly value, or defending their favourite resting place, their bed.

Or if they've learned to defend, say, a dog bowl - that can result in aggression. " Dog behaviourist and trainer Carolyn Menteith notes that many dog bites occur during the holiday season, and often it's not their owner they snap with. "Christmas can make it worse as people ask people to just stay with their dog while they pop to the shops," she says. A houseful of guests descend, excited children are around all day, and walks may fall by the wayside, leaving the dog bored and confused. "We're a very verbal species, so when we're not feeling comfortable, we say something," Ms Menteith says. "Our dogs only have body language cues to do that with. " It's easy to miss what they're trying to tell us, especially with a long list of undone Christmas chores. Regardless of the time of year, owners with more than one dog should check how they behave to each other. "If there's competitive behaviour between them, that can lead to aggression between the dogs that can potentially be directed at an owner," Dr Wensley says. A generally pleasant dog is more likely to attack if it's in pain - for example if it's encouraged to move out of a doorway, and that tweaks a painful joint. Dogs can be aggressive because they're scared - and may even go and hide after biting people (file picture shows a dog in training). Liver disease - which affects the brain - and brain tumours can also cause animals to behave unpredictably. NHS figures for 2014-15 showed that 7,227 people needed medical attention after being "bitten or struck" by a dog, with young children the most commonly affected. Some 1,159 under the age of nine were admitted to hospital. , because of their height.

Bites to the neck are especially dangerous as a child can bleed to death if their carotid artery is severed. Dr Wensley says children are potentially alarming for inexperienced dogs. "A small human who behaves slightly unusually, who maybe squeals and tries to cuddle them, pick them up, wave their hands. can make them quite fearful," he says. Before biting, dogs will usually show several signs of anxiety. They may lick their lips, adopt a low posture, put their ears back, and potentially have their tail under their legs. Children may be unable to read those signals - and many even think a dog baring its teeth is smiling. Ms Menteith says that when a dog does attack, the owner will often say it bit with no warning. But in its own way, the dog has been trying to say something for months. "We take dogs into our lives, and then we don't listen to them as dogs," she says. When thinking about whether it's safe to leave your dog with children, or adult strangers, consider its past experiences. Is it used to small people? Can you really trust it to behave without you? "A problem we see is when young puppies aren't exposed to everyday sights and sounds," Dr Wensley says. "Perhaps they've been reared on a puppy farm in the middle of nowhere, or in a very rural location, and then someone buys them off the internet, meets them at a motorway services, and they're taken to an urban family environment and expected to understand the world they find themselves in. "They can be extremely anxious and fearful, and that will manifest as aggression. " Early training is also key to avoiding future aggression - and it's best to start while they're still puppies.

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