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why do pine trees have pointed leaves

Coniferous forests do indeed contain narrow pointed leaves. By reducing the surface area of the leaf(as compared to large broad leaves as found in a tropical rainforest), there is little water loss due to transpiration through the stomates found in the needles. Because the ground is frozen in the cold, northern forests in winter, the ability to absorb water by the treeВ roots is diminished. Being able to retain whatever water is inside the tree is important during the months when moisture isn't readily available.

Grasslands are fairly dry most of the year. Again, reducing leaves to the size of a blade of grass cuts down on water loss when droughts or dry periods occur. In temperate deciduous forests, rather than have needles like in coniferous forests, the leaves are rather broad, as in oaks or maples. However, these fall off during autumn thus preventing water loss by transpiration. This keeps the tree alive until the spring time, which brings rain again.

In a tropical rainforest, because it may rain several times a day, every day, water is not a limiting factor. Therefore, most tropical plants have very large, broad leaves. These contain many stomates and while a lot of transpiration occurs, the water that is lost, is quickly replaced whenever it rains again.
Pine is coniferous tree that belongs to the family Pinaceae. There are around 115 species of pines that are divided in 3 subgenera based on the type of leaves, cones and seeds.

Pines inhabit Northern hemisphere. They can survive in different habitats in the temperate and subtropical climates. Pines can be found on the altitudes of up to 13 000 feet. Most pines grow on the acidic, well drained soil. Pines are highly exploited by humans and often attacked by various insects and fungi. Thanks to these factors, certain species of pines are listed as endangered plants.

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