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why do people die with their eyes open

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Ever read the reddiquette? Just as with everyting else, there are spiritual theories galore about death. In Shintoism, the expression on the face of the deceased says a lot about "where they are going" (or where they went) after death. I belong to an organization called the World Divine Light Orgnization (SMBK), out of Japan, who are connected to Shintoism. They do healing work by "siphoning" spiritual Light to others through the power of their Holy Master. (Long story. ) They frequently go to people when they are dying or as soon as possible after death, to give them Light to aid in their passing, and claim that even when they arrive hours after death, when the deceased receives light the espresson the face can change from one of somberness to a smile.

Even the complexion changes for the better. I have never seen this happen, so I can not verify it, but the Doshis (ministers) of SMBK swear they have seen it many times. At any rate, I have heard many say that the spirit stays close to the body for a period of time after death.

Surely, people have been known to "come back" after being clinically dead for varous lengths of time, so to consider the deceased body nothing but a decaying vehicle immediately after death might be a bit premature. Surely, having the eyes remain open can be as a result of how the person died, particulary if the death was painful or violent. It is customary to close them if they remain open, and I certainly would, just in case it made a difference for the one who has passed.

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