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why do my upper abs stick out

if i were you i would just do some push ups for now for your chest, try not to worry about it to much because your are young and probably still growing and your muscles will probably develop more as you get older,
i think at your age if you want to work out that is good, but just take it easy and don't start trying to lift heavy or trying to build allot of muscle anything thing like that till you get a little older and your body is full grown. if you are going to workout i would focus on body weight exercises and light dumbbells for now and build body strength and a little muscle, if you want to get big worry about that when you are older that will keep your body strong and when your ready to start lifting heavy or building muslce your body will be ready for it since you kept your self in good shape. that is my advice.

Also, I don t know if this belongs in this forum.

I have noticed lately that my upper abs feel as if they are bulging out further than I want them too, almost like you see with the roided out body builders.

I realize that this is probably genetics, but I feel like I have to suck my upper abs in to get the look I want. I have been doing stomach vacuums, thinking that it might help, but I am curious what some of you may have to say about this and what I can do about it.

I do have a good layer of fat over my stomach still, but I am concerned with bulking in the future and my upper abs getting any bigger. Maybe I just need to build my chest bigger to compansate? Thanks.

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