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why does my cell phone go straight to voicemail

Got a new phone a couple of months ago and started a pay monthly sim only deal. I found out last week from a friend that incoming calls go straight to voicemail although I can make calls and send texts successfully. I don't know how long I have not been receiving phone calls as some calls do get through! Googled the problem, seems not uncommon! Found out how to lengthen the number of rings before answer phone starts. This has not worked. Turned the phone off and back on, still not worked. Tried ringing through on a landline and another mobile and it rang, great it's sorted or so I thought, other people sent messages saying they can't get through.

Spoke to someone at Virgin Media customer services last Thursday had my online account and a pin for answerphone set up, told this would sort the problem! Seemed like they didn't know what they were talking about or understand me when I explained the issue. I know it's still not working because I was on my phone on the internet today and an voicemail message notification popped up. no phone ringing or missed call notification!

I am not happy that I'm not getting the service which I am paying for.
No, it does not always go straight to voice mail! There is a timer that the providers set in their network called T3212. It can be set anywhere from 6 minutes to 24 hours (most providers have it set anywhere from one hour to four hours). Anyway, this timer is like a roll call. Let's say that it's set to four hours. If your mobile does absolutely nothing for four hours, it automatically sends a message (it's almost like a SMS) to the network and tells it I'm still here!

If the mobile doesn't send this message, and the four hours goes by, then the network will mark this mobile as detached which means that incoming calls will go directly to voice mail. But until the timer expires, the network thinks the mobile is still available and will try repeatedly to reach the mobile and, after eventually being unsuccessful, go to voicemail. What could have happened is that his mobile sent the message I'm still here to the network and that was just enough to kill the battery, so the network thought he was still online for the next four hours, when his battery was actually dead.

So, maybe give him the benefit of the doubt this one time. Mobile networks are very complicated things. PS By the way, when you turn your mobile off, before it actually turns off, it sends a different message to the network, saying I'm off now, if anyone calls, don't try to reach me, go straight to voice mail. So that's different from the battery dieing.

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