why do my two front bottom teeth hurt

Constant tooth pain is irritating, and can be downright debilitating if it hurts enough. If you experience regular bottom teeth pain, the first thing you should do is visit your dentist so that whatever is wrong doesnвt get worse. But it doesnвt hurt to learn what might be causing your bottom teeth to hurt in the meantime. Here are 5 reasons why your bottom teeth may hurt. Cavity Tooth Pain Symptoms: Typically, pain caused by cavities can be felt sharply, consistently and suddenly in one or more teeth when you bite down. Cavities can also cause sensitivity. If you havenвt been getting rid of all of the plaque on and around your bottom teeth by brushing, flossing and using mouthwash, you may have cavity. Cavities can also be caused by gum recession. Cavities are holes in your teeth created by acids, which love eating away at your enamel. Thankfully, fixing a cavity is quick and easy. All your dentist has to do is fill it in with dental filling material.

Infected Root Tooth Pain Symptoms: If you experience a severe and constant bottom toothache that causes throbbing or shooting pain, you may have an abscessed tooth, or root infection. Your teeth may also feel sensitive to extreme temperatures and when biting down, and your gums and glands may be swollen. Severe tooth decay is usually the reason why an infection develops at the root of your tooth. When acids have been allowed to dissolve your enamel for a while, bacteria infects the center of your tooth (the pulp) between your gum and your tooth. If you donвt see a dentist to cure your infection, it can spread to the bones that support your bottom teeth. A root canal can be performed to rid your teeth of the infection. Clenching/Grinding Tooth Pain Symptoms: If you bottom teeth pain is less severe, and more of a constant throbbing or achy pain, you may grind or clench your teeth too much.

Many people clench their teeth when they are concentrating or working out at the gym. You may also grind your teeth while youвre sound asleep. When you grind or clench your teeth often, you wear down your enamel, which exposes the tubes that lead to your nerves. This can lead to sensitivity and tooth pain. If you think you clench or grind your teeth, speak to your dentist about wearing a mouth guard. Fractured Tooth Pain Symptoms: If you experience irregular pain in a bottom tooth when youвre chewing or when your tooth is exposed to extreme temperatures, you may have a fractured tooth. The center of your tooth contains soft tissue, called the pulp, where your nerves are located. Your enamel and dentin, which is the hard layer underneath your enamel, protect your nerves. The closer your pulp is to being exposed, the more you irritate your nerves, which can cause pain and sensitivity.

There are, depending on the severity, from
to root canals. Bottom teeth pain isnвt always a sign that you have dental issues. Teeth pain can also be caused by a variety of other serious health issues that you might not even think of. These include heart attacks, sinus infections, cluster headaches, viral infections, diabetes, nerve-related disease, alcohol or drug abuse, and more. The only way to truly find out what is causing your bottom teeth to hurt is to. Theyвll be able to get to the root of your teeth pain and provide you with solutions to make you pain-free again. I thought it might be due to the cold medicine too. It literally started only after I started on the medicine and it ONLY hurts when I am laying down. Standing up/walking around the pain is completely gone, lying down is when it comes. Calling my dentist again they think I need a root canal and the lady I ve talked to didn t even bother to listen to a single word I am saying.

She even said so you have throbbing pain? while I kept repeating no it isn t throbbing and it isn t localized to a tooth but it hurts on cold water? I said it doesn t hurt more at all regardless if it is hot, cold, or pressure or anything well you should see a root canal specialists and he ll do a root canal So right now I ve pretty much said fuck it to their advice, since it seems to change every 30 minutes, and wait. She completely ignored the fact that I told her it only hurts when I am laying down and it only started when I began to show cold/sinus infection symptoms. They were trying to make up excuses for me to get root canals before too which is why I am very annoyed at them to just jumping into me getting a procedure I don t even need. If I wake up tomorrow and it still hurts I ll go see the root canal guy, if it doesn t I am going to find a new dentist.

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