why do my turn signals not work sometimes

Easy step by step guide on how to repair an automotive turn signal system that
is not working, this information is presented in the order of probability and pertains to most vehicles. Begin with the vehicle on level ground, in park with the engine "OFF". Step 1 - Turn the ignition key to the "ON" position, (do not start the engine) this will power up the electrical system for testing. Step 2 - Locate the power distribution center (PDC) or fuse panel to check all system fuses. - To locate the fuse consult the owner's manual or search.

Step 3 - When a turn signal flasher or relay fails the blinkers will not operate or come "ON", but not blink. A direction signal system is designed to operate with a flasher or blinker unit which interrupts the signal which created the blinking action. - Locate turn signal flasher in. Step 4 - When a turn signal switch fails the system will short or go "open" causing the blinker not to operate. Use a test light to test input and output power circuits using a wiring schematic. - Find a wiring diagram in.

Step 5 - A lighting module is sometimes used to control the all vehicle lighting systems, when this module has a problem various lights will fail to operate and the module needs to be updated or replaced (reprogrammed). Helpful Information A turn signal switch is used to operate the direction signal system in a vehicle, which helps communicate an intended direction. Some lighting system designs integrate the turn signal and brake light systems which share the same circuit.

Most lighting systems are grounded near the light bulb, which will produce a single bulb operation failure. 1999 Infiniti I30 Limited, parents beater car. Turn signals only work sometimes, on a complete whim usually. If I press the hazard button nothing will happen, as does if I signal right or left. My mom said if you leave the signal in the right or left position for awhile, it will usually start signaling in 5-10 minutes or so.

Checked all the fuses related to lights and everything is fine on that end. If I press the hazard button or signal right/left I can hear a relay clicking somewhere, so I would assume that would be ok? Though I can t think of anything else that would be the culprit of it. Ideas anyone? Its kind of dangerous to drive this thing right now, but they ve had it up to about the breaking point with things failing on this.

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