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why do people curl in the squat rack

So today was biceps and abs day, just like every Tuesday. I got to the gym, proceeded to warm up my bi's with some static stretching and light sets of curls. Once I was warmed up, I got ready to hit the heavy weight and retrieved the EZBar. I loaded on some 10's and 5's and after my first set, I noticed the guy at the squat rack getting ready to leave. I was beginning to feel a bit of strain in my lower back from picking up the 55lb bar so I walked over and claimed the squat rack so I could use it to rest the bar.

Sometimes my back hurts real bad, which is why i don't do squats or deadlifts. Now this is when it happens. Some big burly ******* comes right up to me and asks if he can use the squat rack to do some squats. Now, normally I'm a pretty cool bro and everything, but I just felt this was disrespectful. I was clearly in the middle of a serious biceps sesh, and this guy was interrupting my workout and trying to punk me for the equipment.

So I said nah man I'm curlin right now bruh, trying to be cool with him and everything. But that made him mad and he started getting in my face going on about how I'm ALWAYS curling in the squat rack and blablabla and I could curl somewhere else. That got the staff's attention and he got kicked out of the gym. I proceeded to finish about 36 sets of curls in roughly 3 hours. My question is, why do people care so much where I curl??
Had 325 on the bench and walked to the downstairs part of the gym to pump myself into a rage.

I was gone maybe two minutes when I came back and 2 idiots had disassembled my weights to 135. Hang on a moment, if you literally exit the gym and go downstairs for a few minutes your bench is fair game. How are they to know if you re leaving or getting pumped up for a lift? The obvious exception is if you left all your stuff (water bottle, towel) there, but otherwise there s no reason for them to assume you ll come back and even then there s only so long someone should have to wait to move to an open bench where someone s left their shit.

How about you stop leaving your station unattended and leaving the room between sets? People aren t at the gym to work around your schedule and if you leave the room and then someone walks over afterwards, there s no way for them to know you were even using that station.

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