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why do my tonsils have holes in them

Holes in your tonsils, or crypts, are actually normal. They provide a place for your white blood cells to fight bad bacteria that enters your body through your mouth and nose. Once they do this, the dead bacteria and dead white cells are sloughed off and you swallow them. However, a problem arises when these holes are too wide or when they are crooked. When this is the case, it is very easy for food to get stuck in the crypts. The food can rot and cause bad breath and in some cases cause throat infections. Here are some ways that you can cure the holes in your tonsils. Use a syringe with a flat tip to flush out your tonsils. You can use the syringe and water to flush out food particles and bacteria that are stuck in the holes in your tonsils. Do this at least twice a day every other day. Use a cotton swab periodically to clean out the bacteria and food particles from the holes in your tonsils, then rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash such as Listerine to kill any bacteria you might have missed.

Start a regime of Echinacea tincture. Be sure and follow the instructions on the bottle for dosing. Echinacea is a natural antibiotic and can help to keep you from getting an infection as a result of the holes in your tonsils and the food and bacteria trapped there. Echinacea is also an immune booster and may help your body to build up a stronger immune system and more white blood cells to deal with the bacteria in your tonsils. In severe cases, go to your doctor and set up surgery to have your tonsils removed, which is called a tonsilectomy.
dealing with this at 13 I've read every answer on this page. I'm glad its here too. I'm A female, 13 and 5'8, yea im tall and ive had so many growth spurts.

When i read about the person who used to work with the pediatrician(i think) It fits you know? I hate dealing with these things. Im finally a teen and yea i wanna start kissing and all but i can't do that with bad breath! I've seen all the orabrush commercials and everything. "90% of bad breath comes from bacteria on the tongue" Well not mine. Alot of the people on here say it cant really hurt you. YES THE HELL IT CAN! I think when i was 11 it happened. I was in florida visiting family. My throat had been hurting but i ignored it. until i couldnt even breathe properly. my right tonsil has the crater problem. And it's always been rather large. like i can feel it just by softly touching my neck. When i looked in the mirror i couldn't see the "white things" (what i used to call them) Well what had happened somehow, is my tonsil healed OVER the bacteria and now the bacteria was. idk hurting me somehow.

I couldnt breathe, swallow my own saliva, open my mouth, or even eat ice cream without it hurting. And IT HURT i was balling all day. So my dad finally took me to the emergency room and they gave me strong. And it went down fast. I dont remember how but the tonsil re-opened and the bacteria was no longer there and thank god it didnt hurt anymore. The nurse asked if i wanted a shot. Now i was only 11 so bear with me. but i didnt know what the heck a shot could do. but somehow it would prevent it from happening. maybe even heal the tonsil b4 bacteria came back. idk. i dont remember. Anyone with this problem should ask your doctor if the shot could help. Now I get it out every time i sense, see, or feel it. I know its probably not to safe but i have this bobby pin that i un-folded and now every few days when the bacteria is back i put it in mouth wash and softly dig the bacteria out.

I've smelled it b4 and YEA IT SMELLS! I've even found out it was food on my own. One time (when i took out a rather large piece) I put it on a washcloth and let it dry for about an hour. When i came back it was small and a brownish reddish color. MEAT. not my meat but the food i had eaten. Trust me I would take any conciquence to have my tonsils removed if this problem went away. It's like a curse. and its not my fault! btu remember im only 13. My parents dont have enough money with this horrible economy(thanx alot bush) But hopefully ur over this little bump in ur life idk when u posted that question. p. s. sorry it was so long with all the non-needed stuff i just had to get that out there ~ avigirl_1@yahoo. com Good Answer?

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