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why do my tomatoes have yellow leaves

Why are there brown, gray, and yellow spots on my tomato plant's leaves? This could indicate Septoria leaf spot,
a soil-borne fungus that affects the leaves but not the fruit. It's a common issue with tomatoes, especially in wet, humid areas. It usually starts at the bottom of the plant with the oldest leaves and moves up. You might see darker spots surrounded by pale yellow areas that may eventually turn completely yellow or brown and die. If you look further up this article you will see a picture which you can use to help identify the problem you are facing. What if the whole tomato leaf turns pale yellow? Are older leaves turning yellow? This may not necessarily be a problem. You could check out the list of points already covered earlier. But, if the new leaf fonds open up to be yellowish, it's most likely a nutrient deficiency. Fungal attacks usually affect the entire plant at a time or go from the bottom to the top.

Why are the leaves on my tomato plants turning brown? Tomato plant leaves do not begin by turning brown unless it's a fungal attack such as Septoria leaf spot or other fungal infections. So, if you notice your leaves turning brown before they go yellow you should look for a solution as soon as possible. The helpful points above are definitely going to help you out. Why are the leaves dying? The death of leaves on a plant is quite natural and not a reason to worry. The lower leaves that no longer receive sun light usually wilt and die as they are useless to the plant since they are just consumers and not producers. As long as you see some healthy foliage at the top of the plant you don't have to think twice about it. If you go out to the vegetable garden one day and find the bottom leaves of your tomato plant are, don t go into a panic.

There are many reasons why tomato leaves turn yellow, and usually it is a fairly easy fix. Some situations that can cause yellow leaves are under-watering and over-watering, nitrogen deficiencies in the soil, a lack of sunlight on the bottom leaves, or a possible disease. Let s discuss each one of these, and hopefully one, or a combination, will help your tomatoes. I will begin by saying that tomato leaves that are yellowing on the bottom are not necessarily a bad thing. Some tomato plant leaves yellow due to a lack of sunlight on mature plants. When the plants become large, bushy, and heavy with fruit, the top portions of the plant can block the lower portions from getting sunlight. This can cause the leaves to yellow, and is really nothing to worry about. How Are You Watering? Leaves can turn yellow on the bottom of the tomato plant if the plant is not receiving adequate water.

Tomatoes need watering the most after transplanting into the garden, or when they are very young seedlings. Tomatoes also need watering during very hot temperatures, especially if the plants are bearing fruit. Usually one good, a day will suffice in hot temperatures or when bearing fruit. Also tomato leaves can yellow at the bottom due to over watering. Sometimes this can not be helped due to Mother Nature. This is why it is important to have well-draining soil, and to use a good mulch around the plants. Using compost, or a, in your garden soil will help if drainage is an issue. You may need to also check your soil for a lack of nitrogen. Nitrogen will give a plant (everything from grass to vegetable plants) its dark green color, and good growth. A lack of nitrogen in the soil can cause the yellow leaves on tomatoes as well. Test your soil to check for nitrogen levels and other nutrients.

Be careful though, do not add too much nitrogen, this can actually burn the plant. Higher nitrogen levels can also cause your tomato plants to become beautiful and bushy, but bear no fruit. Is It A Disease or Pest? If you notice yellow leaves in other areas of the tomato plant, or the yellowing at the bottom is spreading upward, this could be a sign of disease, such as (usually curly top virus will show signs of yellowing leaves that are curling up as well), Ringtop Virus, or other diseases. Make sure to check for any pests that may be present in or around your tomato plants. If you are unsure of what is going on with your tomatoes, snip off a limb that is yellowing and take it to your local gardening center or local co-op office, along with a soil sample from around the plants. They might be able to diagnose what the issue is, and the best methods for treating it.

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