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why do some stars shine brighter than others

Why is the sun brighter than other stars? How bright a star appears from Earth is a function of its intrinsic brightness, called its absolute magnitude, and its distance. Together, these factors ma. What is a circumpolar star? A circumpolar star is so close to one of Earth's two poles that instead of rising and setting like other stars, it seems only to revolve around one point i. What is the smallest star in the universe? As of May 2015, the smallest known star in the universe is 2MASS J05233822-1403022. This star has a brightness that is 1/8,000 the brightness of the sun. I. What are some facts about the planet Sedna? Sedna is not a planet.

It is more likely to be a dwarf planet that orbits very far away from the sun. Some astronomers, however, are reluctant to place it.
Have you ever noticed? While watching the clear sky, far from all those urban lights There are stars, spread across the sky like tiny sparkling diamonds. Some are bigger, and some shine brighter. I believe it s the same for humans. Some of them are gorgeous/handsome, or wise, or witty, or warm-hearted, or charismatic, or caring, or whatever quality you can think of. Some are ill-tempered, or maniac, or tormented, or scary, or perverted, or violent, or whatever fault you can think of.

And some are right in between. Most of them, actually. I have some sparkling friends. They have charisma, they attract people with their natural and confident behaviour, they know how to talk in public (like really KNOWING) they seem higher. Higher than the average. Those friends of mine, I love them, I admire them, I worship them And for a few, I resent them. I resent the way they act, the way they think. If I dare, I would say it is pure jealousy. How can they seem so natural and bright? I you had to compare between me and them, I am absolutely no match for them. Because they are so awesome, and I am just normal.

Boring and normal. Even less than normal, who knows. But being jealous won t change anything, except making me even more pitiful and miserable. I learned to appreciate myself over the years, turning my weaknesses into strengths. What if I don t shine as bright as my pairs? I shine the way I shine, as a dull and sloppy star, and no one (apart from me, maybe) can do anything about it. That s how things are. Shit happens. I am a star, I don t shine very brightly but I try my best to survive in the sky. There s enough room for every kind of star, I m sure of it. Someday, I will find my right place and shine wholeheartedly.

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