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1. Do you admire and respect your boss? 2. Could you see yourself being happy with your current employer under the right circumstances? 3. Do you spend enough time with your family and friends? 4. Do you keep a regular fitness routine (3-5x/wk)? 5. Do you sometimes wake up earlier than your alarm because you can t wait to start working on an idea you have? 6. Can you think of 5 specific people who help or inspire you to achieve your PROFESSIONAL goals? 7. Can you think of 5 specific people who help or inspire you to achieve your PERSONAL goals? 8. Do you know your natural talents and strengths? 9. Do you know your personal values and beliefs? 10. Do you deeply believe in the product your company produces or services they offer? 11. If you had $50 million in the bank, would you be doing the same type of work? 12. Do you frequently find yourself getting lost in your work, and get caught up in the fun of it as time flies by? 13.

Do you have an ongoing list of ideas you want to build and pursue one day? 14. Do you have an interest in writing or potentially starting a blog someday? 15. Do you know your passion, but you re not sure how to build meaningful work around it? 16. Does the people you care about feel like you are living up to your potential? 17. Do you believe you are living up to your full potential? 18. Are you secretly not proud of the work you do? 19. Do the people you spend the most time around, support and encourage your ideas and dreams? 20. Are you content with the amount of money you currently make? 21. If you fast forwarded your life 20 years into the future, would you be proud of the work you re doing now? 22. Do you have a mission and purpose - could you write it down or say it right now if you had to? 23. Do you have hobbies and side-interests that consume you outside of work? 24. Think back on the last time you were genuinely excited. Do you get this feeling of excitement on a regular basis (at least weekly)? 25. Do you have a clear vision and direction of the impact you want to have in the next ten years? 26. Think about your goals; your dreams and your strongest beliefs. Is the work you re doing leveraging who you are and allowing you to put the dent in the world you know you re capable of making? Are you ready for your score?

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