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why do some seeds germinate faster than others

also in the seed coats. some are very hard, very dense, and it takes water a good long time to soak into the coating enough to soften it. others are almost paper thin and just as absorbent. some are so hard you must nick them or rub them on sandpaper to open an area for water to get in a little faster. these seeds packs tell you to scarify the seeds. for faster germination. sunflowers are quick to get up and going, tho. now you ll need to increase their light so they don t grow leggy and flop over. strengthen their stems by moving the air around them just enough that the plants blow around a little, like they would in a planting outside in the breeze. *I use a paper plate to fan them gently*. or just brush the little sprouts gently with your hand occasionally.
There s also the forest growth patterns that you see in naturally woody areas, both tropical and temperate.

The plants that grow fast grow like crazy in tree falls, which are areas where a big tree fell down leaving lots of sunlight and a gap between the trees.

All that sunlight provides fast food for those quick plants. Meanwhile, in the undergrowth, things like your oak tree begin to take hold. They don t need as much light right away, and they can survive below those other fast plants. The fast plants, when they die, put out seeds, but those seeds can t grow beneath the new little hardwoods, like your oak tree, so they have to wait in the soil for another sun-soaked opportunity.

The oaks and other slow trees grow up in the shaded areas and eventually get taller and sturdier than the quick plants can get. Basically, it s like an eternal tortoise-and-the-hare situation, and creates forests that are constantly changing while maintaining old growth and a high level of diversity (slow plants, quick plants, all of the transition between those types of habitats).

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