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why do my toenails smell like parmesan cheese

The stinky smell emanated under the toenails is often a cause of embarrassment among people who suffer from toenail infection either fungal or bacterial. Fungal nail infection is known as onychomycosis and the organism responsible for it is tinea ungium, a type of fungus. Fungus prefers to live in warm, dark and moist place. It is for this reason many people who wear shoes in warm climate suffer from toenail fungal infection. Toenails are vulnerable to regular wear and tear and this may lead to a break in toenails. It gives an opportunity for the fungus to enter in the nail bed. Fungus nail infection is also common among people who wear tight shoes or wet shoes for prolonged period of time. If your nails have lost its shine and shin, emits bad odor and they have become brittle with a change in color to yellow or brown with tiny spots on them, then possibly you are suffering from fungal toenail infection. A Bacterial infection in toenail may also emit bad smell from the nails. Bacteria may enter the toe nail if it is damaged.

The classical symptoms of toenail infection are discharge of pus under the nail, bad smell underneath the nail, inflammation and swelling of affected toe and pain. The pain is often unbearable and patient may find difficulty to wear shoes. In majority of cases staphylococcus bacteria cause infection in toenail. People suffering from diabetes often suffer from recurrent toenail infection, because their immunity is weak. Poor nail care is often a known reason for development of toenail infection. Brevibacteria are germs which are used to mature several types of cheeses. These bacteria are also found on human skin. However, they are harmless and they prefer to reside in warm and moist areas of the body. When they infiltrate under the nail and begin to grow, these bacteria produce a peculiar pungent odor resembling like sulphur. The odor is produced by a compound known as S-methyl thioesters. They also form cheese like white material underneath the toenail. How To Get Rid Of The Smell Under My Toenails? Bad odor under the toenails can be due to two pathogens such as fungus and bacteria.

Since both have different symptoms with one common symptom of bad odor, it becomes easy for anyone to distinguish between them. If the underlying reason is bacterial infection in toenail, then patient may require antibiotic therapy. Clean the nail with antiseptic lotion and gently dry the nail with a clean cloth. Once you clean the nail, apply anti bacterial ointment over the affected nail. You may cover the toenail with sterilized bandage and at night take out the bandage when you sleep. Use a bandage which allows the nail to breathe. Once the bacterial infection heals, bad odor underneath toenail disappears. Fungal nail infection takes more time to heal. However there are several home remedies which may help to treat the infection and prevent bad smell emanating from toenail. Salt water : Pour small quantity of warm water in a bucket. Add one teaspoon of salt in it and wait for sometime till the salt melts. Place your foot in the salt solution for few minutes daily.

With a clean cloth dry your foot and toenail. Tea tree oil : It is an effective natural remedy for fungal infection. Rub few drops of tea tree oil on the toenail with a cotton ball. Apply it two times in a day. Rubbing alcohol is useful to keep bad smell away. Soak rubbing alcohol on the affected toenail daily for 10 minutes. Dry the nail with clean cloth after that. Sprinkle or rub corn starch powder on and under your toenail. It is effective remedy for getting rid of smell under the toenail. If all the natural remedies fail, you can apply anti fungal ointment under the nail to treat fungal infection as well as bad smell.
Well, your feet are in socks a lot of the time. Your feet sweat, heat escapes your body through your feet. Feet smell, it s natural. To get rid of it, you could try washing your feet every day, I do that. ^^ Warm water, soap, clean flannel and clean, dry towel, in between the toes too! , then fresh, clean socks! :D I wear two pairs of socks a day: One in a morning, and then one when I get changed for bed.

XD It s more sock washing, but it keeps smells at bay, especially with feet washing. :3 Also, wear slippers around the house, if you don t already. There are a lot of things on the floor that can make your socks smell, and then they transfer to your feet. D: Also, Febreeze your shoes or something. XD It s possible that if your foot hygiene hasn t been too awesome in the past, you may have contracted a fungal infection. Yellow looking nails, and a icky smell are symptoms. To treat it, you should apply pure tea tree oil, all over, and under the nail, if possible, until it smells no more (probably the best indicator, really, gross as it is. ), and then for at least a week after, to ensure that it doesn t come back. xD Boil wash ALL socks that you wear, and have worn since, and if you can do something about your shoes, even better! Then make sure you keep on top of your foot hygiene. xDD Feet are important, they re the reason you re still standing. ;] (Bad joke. I know. D: XD) I wish you luck in your. feet endeavours. :P

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