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why i want to be confirmed essay

In about seven weeks, the 8th graders of our parish will receive the Sacrament on Confirmation. б This will complete their initiation into the Church and will begin a lifetime of developing a deeper understanding of our faith coupled with active involvement in the Church. б As part of the preparation process, each candidate writes a Letter of Intent explaining why they want to receive Confirmation. б These letters reveal much about the character of this class: they want to be more involved in the parish, they want to grow in their faith, they want to help others. б Below are several anonymous quotations from their Letters of Intent. б I hope that you will find these to be as inspiring as I do, and I hope we all will work together to affirm these young people in their desires and find roles for them in this parish. БAfter Confirmation, it is important to me that I continue to be active in the Church. Б
БI attend Mass, and I would like to become more involved in the Mass. Бб БI hope that I can become a leader in the Church as I get older. Б БI have committed myself to helping at the food pantry [Б] I want to continue to find ways to help others, to get others to understand that no matter how bad this get, Jesus is right there with you. Б БIt is very important to me to receive my Confirmation because I feel like it is my turn to stand up and say I want to be Catholic.

Б БThere have been times that IБve made the wrong decision, and there have even been times that IБve questioned my faith. б I hope that being confirmed and becoming a full-fledged member of the Church will bring me closer to God and that He will lend me the strength to be the best person that I can be. Бб Б[Confirmation] is more personal to me too because it is my choice. Бб Б[T]his means CCD will be over so I will have to work harder to keep that relationship [with God] strong, because after this year here I have found that not only going will help your relationship, but also talking to him, not only in your time of need, but just to speak with him frequently about life. Бб БAs a full member of our Church, I promise to do my best to make our world a better place. Бб БI am very proud to be Catholic [Б] I am never embarrassed to tell others about my faith, I am proud of it [Б] I plan to become a serious and devoted adult of the Catholic Church after receiving Confirmation. Б БIn the world today, it is especially important to listen to the Holy Spirit, to stand up for what we know is right and to try to stop what we know is wrong. Б БI want to be known as trustworthy when it comes to needing help at our parish. Б БI also want to be confirmed because I want to take my religious life into my own hands and build upon it by myself.

Бб БAnother reason why I want to be confirmed is that I feel like it is time for me to become a bigger part of the Church. Б БWhen I become confirmed then it is my turn to help others just like the people at the parish have helped me with my faith. Б БI also feel that it is my duty to be confirming my faith one step more and do what I can to fulfill GodБs plan for me. Б БI want to use the gift of giving and teaching to help others around me too. б I hope I can use the gift of leadership to do the right thing when I am with my friends and guide them as well. Б БI want to be confirmed because I like being a member of the Catholic Church. Б БI also want to be confirmed so I may continue to receive the Holy Spirit and follow the path the Lord chose for me. Б I want to be a confirmed Catholic because I want to be closer to God. In order to do this I have to know these following things; benefits of the sacraments, why mass is important, practicing prayer & the rosary, magisterium of the church, the value of the churchвs teachings through example, following the Ten Commandments and learning from the gospels. In knowing these things I am preparing myself to receive the Holy Spirit and continue my living my life the way God wanted me to. There are many benefits in receiving the seven sacraments. Baptism is the first of the sacraments that you should receive as a baby.

Baptism is when you have original sin wiped out. Confirmation follows Baptism because they fall hand in hand with each other. This is because Confirmation strengthens the baptismal grace you received from Baptism. Penance is when you go to confession and you confess your sins to beg for forgiveness. Holy Eucharist is when you receive the host at mass every Sunday or Saturday. Anointing of the sick is when your body is dying and Anointing of the sick gives the power for the full repair of the health of the soul that has been lost by sins. Holy Orders is the process in which a man becomes a deacon, priest, or bishop. Matrimony is the sacrament you receive when you are married and is a permanent bond that is sealed by God. Mass is very important. Mass is our way of adoring God, thanking him for all of his many favors, asking God to give his blessings to all men and to satisfy the righteousness of God for the sins committed against him. During the mass you receive the body and blood of Christ through the imitation of unleavened bread and wine. Some churchвs still use wine but our church doesnвt. Mass is a time of sacrifice through the service that was given to us at the Last Supper by Christ. Prayers are like our own little conversations with God. In these conversations with God we express our love for him. We also pray in order to thank him for all of the.

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