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why do some people sleep with their eyes open

Your doctor might recommend using moisture googles at night to help moisturize your eyes while you sleep. You can also try a humidifier. An external eyelid weight, which is worn on the outside of your upper eyelids at night, or surgical tape, can help keep your eyes closed. To keep the eye lubricated, your doctor might prescribe you medications, such as:
artificial tears, which are administered at least four times per day In severe cases of paralysis, you may need a gold surgical implant. This eyelid implant functions just like an eyelid weight to help close the upper eyelid, but itвs a more permanent solution. During the short procedure, your doctor will make a small incision on the outside of your eyelid right above the lashes. The gold implant is inserted in a small pocket in the eyelid and held in position with stitches. The incision is then closed with stitches and an antibiotic ointment is applied to the eyelid.

After the surgery, you may experience some of the following, but they should go away over time: The eyelid might feel slightly thicker, but the implant is usually not noticeable. Do You Sleep With Your Eyes Partially Open? Do you ever wake in the morning feeling like your eyes are dry, tired, and/or itchy? ThatБs normal occasionally, but if it happens often you may be having a problem with nocturnal lagophthalmosБsleeping with your eyes partially (or fully) open. It may just sound like a bizarre little quirk, but it could potentially lead to major problems with your eye health. Why Does This Occur? Lagophthalmos is defined as a condition where oneБs eyelids canБt close enough to cover the eye completely. The term nocturnal lagophthalmos is used to describe the condition when it occurs while youБre sleeping. б It can be caused by conditions such asб stroke, trauma, cosmetic surgery, skin conditions, facial nerve palsies, BellБs palsy, or thyroid disease.

Sometimes itБs hereditary. If children experience it, they often grow out of it. БHow Can I Know If I Have This Condition? Б Most people wouldnБt know they have this condition because 1) theyБve probably never heard of or suspected it, and 2) how would they watch themselves sleeping, right? ThatБs where you need another person to check your eyes in the middle of the night if you suspect this condition. Have your helper estimate how far open your eyelids are so that you can let us know when you visit us. Long-Term,б Lagophthalmos Can Be Harmful To Your Eyes Moisture is essential for your healthy eyesight. б Tears form a protective barrier over the surface of your eyes, cleaning and restoring the cornea. Initially, lagophthalmosб may be merely irritating. You may experience dry eye symptoms and excessive tearing.

Maybe some blurriness in your vision as well. But when you go too long, you can experience scratching, infection, and scarring on the surface of your eye. All of these are problems that can severely and permanently hurt your vision. Learn More About Dry Eyes Treatб Lagophthalmos Before It Becomes A Problem There are a few really easy things you can try out for yourself to protect your eyes. You might consider wearing an eye mask at night. Some patients even tape down their eyelids to sleep. б We can prescribe some artificial tear drops which you can use at night and in the morning to keep your eyes well lubricated. In serious cases, there are some surgical options. If you suspect you have this condition, please talk to us! We can help you determine whatБs best for you. Thanks for being our valued patient and friend. Please share this information with someone you care about! Previous Post

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