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why do schools cut art and music

The Jefferson Davis Parish School Board is eliminating art and music programs next school year as part of $1. 4 million in. Band programs will remain in place. Budget cuts unanimously approved Thursday will also include ending or reducing ACT boot camps, and reducing money for summer camps and for summer teacher professional development,. "We will still have students exposed to art and music, but it will be done by the regular classroom teacher," said Superintendent Kirk Credeur. He said the school board cut $500,000 from this year's budget, but it wasn't enough. "I value all these programs tremendously and it is difficult, but I am looking at sustainability for the district and fiscal health," Credeur said.

Two high-school assistant principal's jobs will be left vacant, an elementary school assistant principal's position will be eliminated, and assistant principals at three other schools will become administrative assistants. The plan ends art programs at Lacassine and Hathaway high schools and Lake Arthur and Elton elementary schools. Music programs will end at Fenton, Welsh, James Ward and Jennings elementary schools.

Credeur said school costs have risen steadily while state and federal money has been cut. Teacher retirement has risen from 15 percent to 28 percent of total costs over the past five or six years, he said. Copyright 2017, The Associated Press
Some parents have opted for the personal solution to arts program budget cuts by enrolling their children in private lessons and after-school or summer programs. Some of these programs, such as Girlsв Inc. , The Boysв Club of America, the YMCA or college outreach programs may offer quality music instruction for sliding scale fees.

However, they are not a long-term solution since they offer temporary courses, unlike public school arts programs. Also, many programs are available to certain age groups only, while others are simply inaccessible in many towns and cities. These programs can, however, be used to bolster advocacy by stimulating interests in the arts through student exposure in classes and public exposure through exhibits, recitals and productions.

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